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  1. "I am so smart! S-M-R-T... I mean, S-M-A-R-T!" -- Homer Simpson

  2. Who else thinks Apple's new Christmas commercial has classic-potential?

  3. Anti-Villain

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    The phrase "Meh, okay" comes to mind.
  4. Anti-Villain

    What's the first episode you watched?

    Decided to just watch in order -- i.e., S1E1 first.
  5. Anti-Villain

    Best/Worst Meme(s)

    Good meme: Rickroll. Bad meme: Darude - Sandstorm.
  6. Anti-Villain

    Pick Theme Songs For Characters

    Celestia: "Morning Sun" by Robin Thicke:
  7. Anti-Villain

    King Sombra's Return?!?!

    Wait, haven't Earth Ponies been shown simply using their front hooves for hands? And don't most magic-users tend to be Glass Cannons anyway? (Even Discord seems to have to actively use his magic to defend himself.)
  8. Anti-Villain

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Personally, I recommend the pilot to any neophyte. Why? For the same reason as Parody!Hitler (0:06-0:13):
  9. I liked Newbie Dash more than I disliked it. Likewise, my only real problem with 28 Pranks Later was how it completely disregarded Dash learning not to prank Fluttershy back in Griffon The Brush Off; other than that, me likey.
  10. Anti-Villain

    On the First day Of Christmas...

    *Sees the title.* *Then sees the OP.* Wait, so we're not actually doing a 12 Days Of Christmas parody based on MLP?
  11. Anti-Villain

    Best/Worst Meme(s)

    "FALCON... PUNCH!" and "OVER 9000!" are good memes as well, IMO.
  12. AJ was a Designated Villain at worst; RD was technically the Big Bad.
  13. Anti-Villain

    Guardians of Harmony Figure Ideas!

    A semi-smoky King Sombra standing proudly on a crystal spire. A primed and ready Lord Tirek about to zap something.
  14. Anti-Villain

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Who else was rooting for AJ (if only out of annoyance toward RD's Dick Dastardly streak)?
  15. "How many times have I told those idiots?! If you're the last in, LOCK THE GATE!" -- Bowser (Super Paper Mario)

    1. Ender0001


      It never works. Sooner or later, they'll get a missile or explosive, and blow the gate open.

  16. "If you were General, I'd be Emperor, and you'd still get the sake - So shut up and get the sake." -- Hattori Hanzo (Kill Bill: Volume 1)

  17. "Why, you stuck-up... half-witted... scruffy-looking... Nerf-herder!" -- Princess Leia

    1. UltimateGhost3


      "t's Nerf, or nothng".

    2. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      "Your sense of style has worse hair than a dirty minger and you smell funny, you foppish fompdoodle!"

    3. Sylveon


      "Your sister looks like an ordinary pigsty and still uses windows vista"

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  18. Anti-Villain

    Super Mario Maker is coming to the NINTENDO 3DS!!

    Definitely waiting until the Switch's release before making my next-gen decision.
  19. Anti-Villain

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    Rainbow Falls: What happens when Discord writes a Wonderbolt episode.
  20. "All of this... and she likes a CRACK?!" -- Rarity (The Gift Of The Maud Pie)