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  1. A.V.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Twilight, Seeker Of Friendship: "Dear Princess Celestia... SUBMIT!"
  2. A.V.

    annoying enemies

    Hammer Bros. and Lakitus in Super Mario Bros. (Cool characters and minions, yes. Nevertheless, their attacks and nigh-untouchability = !)
  3. Reaction to YouTube last night:


  4. A.V.

    Funniest Quotes Ever

    Two from Bowser: In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door -- "Great. Just great. Now I look like the huge, mighty king of GUYS WHO TALK TO POSTERS!" And in Super Paper Mario -- "How many times have I told those idiots?! If you're the last in, LOCK THE GATE!"
  5. A.V.


  6. It was cool to finally get a non-magic-user villain for once.
  7. Just realized that Chrysalis is practically a Changeling version of Vexus (My Life As A Teenage Robot).

  8. HISHE's The Last Jedi >>>>>>> TLJ itself.

  9. A.V.

    Lyra fan club

  10. TIME for a drink:


    1. leonbrony17


      Bruh, i want that!

  11. Why Thanos should never use the Reality Stone on himself:


  12. When life gives you lemons: