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  1. Mr. X

    What game are you playing right now?

    The demo for Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity.
  2. maxresdefault.jpg

    "Now what do you think of Wilkins?"

  3. Remember that time when Ernest came back from the dead, and destroyed an entire prison with Force Lightning?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  4. R.I.P., Sean Connery.


  5. My reaction to some of the latest ads/spam:


  6. Aaron Neville: Don't Take Away My Heaven. Alice In Chains: I Stay Away. Mystery Skulls: Ghost. Rick Astley: Together Forever. The Weeknd: I Feel It Coming.
  7. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? Why that name change?

    1. Mr. X

      Mr. X

      Wanted to mix things up for a while.

  8. Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths:


  9. Mr. X

    Did you buy anything recently?

    E-Circuit stylus. For something dirt-cheap (i.e., I found it in my local Dollar Tree), it has a surprisingly nice grip and point.
  10. Mr. X


  11. E.g.: The "Excuse me, Princess!" version of Link (the Legend Of Zelda show). Oogtar (the Super Mario World show). The Go! versions of the Teen Titans. Vice Admiral Holdo and Rose Tico (Star Wars: The Last Jedi). The Season 9 version of King Sombra. The Roar versions of the Thundercats.
  12. Mr. X

    Favorite Season?

    Another vote for fall, here.