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  1. R.I.P., Betty White.:cry:

  2. ♪My, what a guy — that Groose!♪


  3. My reaction to the spam flood:


  4. How to give an enigma more personality — FIENDship Is Magic #1 and Metroid Dread.

    How not to — The Beginning Of The End and Metroid: Other M.

  5. ♪You can check out anytime you like!

    ♪But you can never leave!♪


  6. Wario: "I have to go now. My planet needs me."


  7. *Learns about Chris-Chan's latest hijinks.*


    1. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      I occasionally forget that Chris-Chan exists, then something causes me to look at what actually happened. :applejackhate:


  8. A very-important message, about being careful while driving:


  9. One of my great-uncles died.:sadface:

  10. Ganon's reaction to politics:


  11. Mom has Bell's palsy.


  12. Welp, Equestria's in for it now:


  13. Kylo Ren: "Let the past die… Kill it, if you have to."

    George Santayana:


  14. S3 (DuckTales 2017) > S9 (FIM).

  15. When DeviantArt requires you to upgrade your membership (i.e., pay a monthly fee) just to be able to change your username (a free, basic feature just about anywhere else):