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    I love books, Doctor Who, MLP:FIM, Phil Collins, Celine Dion, Spidey and also love to write and do other boring stuff! XD
    'We're all stories in the end...just make it a good one eh?'
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About Me

Well I became a fan of the show ever since from the start I guess. It was what lead me out of a depression I was going through. It taught me so many things and it definitely turned my frown upside down, as Pinkie Pie would say XD


I guess I could consider myself as someone that likes to see the meaning in almost everything I stumble upon. If its not easy to the eye, I dig in and try my best to find it. I always try to see the positive side in almost everything (since the negativity is what got me into the huge depression in the first place).


I don't have that many talents but from the ones I know I do have, I guess I could mention writing. I love writing ever since I was a little girl but I still have my doubts if I want to make it big or if it should just stay as the hobby just like how it is right now. I also LOVE to organize stuff, seeing a big mess and having to organize everything it's just something I like to do (most people find it weird tho) and if it's already organized then I would always reorganize everything just to kill the time I have. It's something I developed while being bored in summer XD


I consider the Brony fandom a second family, this fandom helped me more times that I can count and for that I'll always be grateful.


My favorite pony (as you can see) is Twilight Sparkle. I like her personality and I can relate to her almost all the time.