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  1. Happy ponyversary everypony! 

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    2. UltimateGhost3


      6 years already, dang, i'm getting old.

    3. Soul Flare

      Soul Flare


    4. Nuke87654


      Happy Ponyversary!

  2. Currently studying for tomorrow's chemistry lab test and the urge to keep procrastinating is real! 

    1. Nuke87654


      Ignore the procrastination and get that study hours in!

  3. Hello people of the Equestria Daily forums! The name's Violet and I'm new around here so ...haii! hope we can be friends ^.^
  4. Well I'm gonna go to bed now.. goodnight everyone! 

  5. Violet_S

    What are you watching right now?

    Brother Bear.. only one of the best movies that barely gets any attention
  6. Violet_S

    Bronycon 2017

    That would be awesome! I'm really looking forward to going there next year ^.^
  7. That moment when you dont get enough sleep because of an assignment and when you go to the classroom... there is no class !!! >.> -.- 

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      That moment you pass out from being tired from remember how tiring work can be.

  8. Violet_S

    Bronycon 2017

    I would love that but since there are no brony meetups where I live, I don't really know that many people.. a better option would be to just ask people here who's going and then meet them there and make new friends and stuff like that
  9. Violet_S

    Hello Hello!

    Hello there! ^.^ welcome to the E.D. Forums!
  10. I really hope this semester ends soon or I will probably be dead by the end of the year >.< 

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    2. Nuke87654


      I will join in the suffering soon

    3. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      don't drink now.. it will only make things worse. just focus on studies. goodluck.


    4. Violet_S


      That reply made me feel so much better I swear >.< (mostly because of the adorable picture) *squee*

      Resultado de imagen para squee mlp

  11. Violet_S

    Bronycon 2017

    Bronycon 2017 will be my first time going there and i'm pretty sure i have enough money to go and have a good time. The only problem is that i dont have people to go with since i dont really have friends irl who enjoy the show.. so hopefully i'll make a group or find one so we can hang out there and make new friends
  12. hello there everyone! ^.^