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  1. BlackWater

    Season 7, Episode 21: Marks and Recreation

    There's a number of interesting points raised by the episode though not necessarily for the purpose of getting the message across. Overall I liked this epiosde. I wasn't expecting the song but it was very fun! I was bothered that Rumble was being pushed around to do things he didn't want to do. Turned out that it was part of the problem. Rumble relaxed and tried something different when it was on his own terms and people were willing to speak to his interests (starting with the Wonderbolt course). I think this was an important message about really engaging with others and not pushing them around but it was a little lost with the main lesson that was pushed (not being defined by just one thing). Also, it did bug me that the CMC snidely believeed Rumble DID want to be put in a box when it came to Wonderbolt-like athletics. That was very harmful not only to the idea of civil engagement but also to the episode's official lesson.
  2. BlackWater

    S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    I thoght it was an awesome episode. One of my favorites of the season but probably because of my character bias. We got Zecora, Shy, and Twi all in the same episode. I can always use more Twi and Shy team ups! Interesting settings too. I'm sure if it was only Shy that got the illness then she might consider going through with becoming a tree.
  3. Not sure about those voices. I don't instantly recall a previous instance. Great episode indeed! I loved it. I had a suspicion they would go the punk route when Rarity's mane got messed.
  4. BlackWater

    Hanazuki Fan Club

    Wahaha~! YES. I finished watching the frist season like a week or two ago and goodness. I wasn't sure I'd ever see another series that could get close to MLP for me. Loved it~! The seqason ending too! I even had to draw a piece of fanart I was so happy.
  5. BlackWater

    S07:E13 - The Perfect Pear

    I totally agree. It was artfully done I think. Beautiful song~ I thought Grand Pear's lines were delivered in a very realistic manner. To me, felt more legit than a mere performance.
  6. BlackWater

    S07:E12 - Discordant Harmony

    Spot on. I liked this episode quite a lot for the fact that it was a solid Discord episode that was so...Discord. And when he wasn't being himself, the Fluttershy sillyness was an overload of adorableness. "Is this doing anything for you?" Yes. Yes, it is.
  7. I JUST realized...Pinkie put a bucket of pudding in her hair... ...even her human counterpart is Chancellor Puddinghead!
  8. Amusing moments for sure! Having Sunset be a pony again, meet Starlight, and bring her back were all "OH MY GOSH" moments for me. Also, having sunny stand on her rear legs as a pony and put her forehooves on her hips was hilarious!
  9. Same here on looking forward to the others! Just saw the next one that released today. Discussion on that one in the other thread. As for Rarity here, well you might saw her generosity shined through to the CPA girls when she thought to offer help even though they stole her idea.
  10. I'm gonna give this one a yay~ I did like Dance Magic more overall but it was a blast to see so much in this episode: EqG Daring Do, Power Ponies, movie sets, new characters.... Montage was great even though she was a villain and the actress might have been ugh at first with her attitude but she was really cool at the end!
  11. BlackWater

    Season 7 Episode 11 - Not Asking For Trouble

    I think there is a very solid idea presented by the yaks desire to be helped without being asked to help (and even discouraged). Of course, this is just one perspective of it. I think it's the conecpt of assistance as an exchange versus community. In other words, it's the conflict between "I help you because I expect you to help me" and "I help you because we are family and I don't expect anything in return."
  12. The song rocks! Loved it since 2015. Seeing Sunny dance to it was even better~! I know right?! Oh Twi and her books! I think my favorite part was the nom nom~
  13. BlackWater

    Season 7 Episode 11 - Not Asking For Trouble

    I hear ya, but it's really just what we percieve as danger and good/bad decisions through our cultural lens. I'm not sure to what extent they intended to write realistic culture differences but it seemed to be quite well done. BlackWater agrees. Friends for a thousand moons!!! Ya picked up what I was putting down. *puts down 17 times*
  14. BlackWater

    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    Indeed. Might finally knock out the 4th episode as #1 so far. No denying how epic Daybreaker is. Though, honestly Sunny's Daydream form is prettier in my opniion - and a good girl to boot.
  15. BlackWater

    Season 7 Episode 9 "Honest Apple"

    Indeed! Critiques are useful in some way. Insults are not. It's usually a simple matter to know the difference - especially in tone/mood. I suppose it's all a matter of being self-aware. Also, did anypony notice Pinkie stuffing the guitar into her mane at the beginning?