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About Me

Hihi~! I'm BlackWater (more recent alias WhiteWater)! You know, from No? *sigh* It's okay...


Anyways, let's get the intro down. I'm a 24 year old non-binary brony that has it bad for ponytails. Seriously. I got one as soon as my hair was long enough. 


I grew up in the 90s so please excuse any of my obsessions that stem from that era. (I still want some Socker Boppers.) :happybonbon:


I'm chill and lax pretty much all the time so it's super hard to make me mad or insult me. I'm more likely to apologize and ask if I did something wrong. I like getting along with people and being someone people can trust to talk to about personal matters (call me a confidant). :sunset:


I'm from the US and live in the sweltering heat of Arizona. There is no winter here. Just a mild fall and then summer the rest of the time. I brew tea by just setting it outside. (I can brew two liters in under 30 minutes. I'm not kidding.)


I'm really thin in terms of my body. I used to be really into exercising but then I started bulking up too much and I didn't want to look like a body builder so I stopped. I still run regularly, though. I'm an avid runner and love sprinting while listening to awesome brony music through my spectacular pink earbuds. Also, I exclusively use MLP laces for my running shoes. ExD


Too much text. Let's throw in an image.


Posted Image


Yes, either Twilight or Sunset is my favorite (not sure). But I really love most of the other ponies too. And I absolutely love Chrysalis! I aim to one day make life-sized plushies of them all. I already made a life-size Twilight Sparkle and some other characters in smaller sizes too. 


Hmmm....what else? Oh, I'm badly in love with romance. I'm a sucker for it. Probably 80-90% of the fimfiction I read is romance. The cuddles, the feels, the cute floating hearts....I can never get enough of it. I ship. A lot. Currently, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight are my favorite. Obviously. 


I write stories non-stop. My flagship is Hive Alive. It's over 12,000 views! 
Posted Image


I do all of my own art, including my avatar and story covers. I love being creative and I love learning new things. 


I'm currently in a dedicated relationship so I'll have to decline any approaches. E;D


In terms of likes and dislikes, I'm not too picky. I like a lot of different kinds of food, music, and literature. Brony remixes are epic. I love dubstep but I also like classical orchestra. There's beauty in everything. I guess that's why I love stories of redemption so much. Rainbow Rocks was epic for that. I can't wait for the next movie.


Personality Test Results! Yeah, I'm Twilight. 
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Okay, what have I missed? Oh, yeah. Awesome outro music.