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Hello And Welcome To My Page!!!

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My name is Jacob, and above is my main Oc: Red Shadow. Hes been around for awhile, and hes been redrawn/edited/remade multiple times. He has a big backstory and what not and if you are interested this link will bring you to his R.P. page

( https://mlpforums.co...d-shadow-r4656)

Warning: sad stories ahead!!!!!

I'm currently (16) years old (16 about to turn 17 whilst writing this), and I've seen heard and have dealt with a great many things in my lifetime so far. At the age of 5 I found out my own uncle killed himself due to a tremendous amount of stress and depression he had at the time, he (in my eyes) was a good man, though many didn't think so. At the age of 13 I found out my grandmother had Stage four Bile-Duct Cancer, it was the hardest thing to ever hear seeing as it was almost Christmas and we knew it would be our last one with her, she later died on January 25th of 2013. This being one of the hardest things I would ever have to go through, It would be easy to see that I would be heart broken about this, but it wasn't as hard to me as it was to my family. It was because I went through death a lot, as a large group of beloved pets, real life friends, and online friends I didn't know personally but felt like I did, passed away due to a multitude of things. I also was once bullied throughout 1-6 grades so things just didn't hurt like any "normal" person would.

Anyway, this would change the fact that I'm a fun loving person, I enjoy a great many things such as swimming, dancing, video games, go carts, and etc. I enjoy hanging out with new people and making friends. I however do enjoy hanging out with my "good" friends a lot more then my new friends. I also enjoy Tennis and some minor sports, though not many sports interest me, I do enjoy playing them with the right person. I am what you call a Joker fan boy:

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I have no clue why, but this guy just interests me to the point of liking him, probably has to do with I don't take him seriously, like most people do. I also like waluigi and ton of other characters from video games, manga, anime, you name it.

So yeah, that's basically about 65% of what you need to know, so uh if you read this all good job, and look out for anymore updates and it's been good.

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