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  1. lol I meant bits as in money. But...you never know. ...
  2. PiratePony

    Who will see the movie?

    My family is going opening weekend no matter what.
  3. I don't see it happening. Because the heart of the stories thus far have been meddling Equestrian Magic, then it'd be hard to deviate from that so late into the game. People did complain about Equestria Girls being their least favorite, and it's also the least magical. Coincidence?
  4. She used to beat up those nerds for milk monies every day for a few years. Even with her transformation into goody goody but still kind of a B Sunset, she has that stack of human bits to live off of for years to come.
  5. PiratePony

    Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi Fan Club

    This mane style was grossly underused and should have lasted the rest of the episode. Bring back the 80s Twily!
  6. Lurk lurk lurk.

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      Hi PiratePony! Good to see you.

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      Heya - how've you been?

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      Doing well! How are you?


      By the way, here is a thread you may like: https://forums.equestriadaily.com/index.php?/topic/2219-rarity/


  7. PiratePony

    Why are people so excited for Season 7?

    eh...it may not be the most watched, but some of the episodes in Season 6 were considered very good, great even. I'm excited for season 7, because, well...more of our gals. Even in a "bad" episode, they're still able to eek out some good entertainment, with their powerful acting skills. That's me at least.
  8. PiratePony

    EQG or GoH?

    I think Equestria Girls. I like the movies a lot. However, i think even better would just be a bunch of shorts thrown out as bonuses throughout the year.
  9. PiratePony

    Why is Hasbro keeping Season 7 a secret?

    Oops...thanks PinkiePie97. Sorry.
  10. PiratePony

    Why is Hasbro keeping Season 7 a secret?

    This also! I went to Ponycon NYC in January and they were about halfway working through Season 6 they had indicated, so they probably took a break (because season 5 and 6 was worked on with no break in between, also according to Big Jim Miller at that con), and are getting Season 7 rolling, recorded, etc.
  11. PiratePony

    Why is Hasbro keeping Season 7 a secret?

    I heard a pretty interesting theory that it may have to do with a potential change to Netflix and Legend of Everfree was an indicator of that - for the first time the premiere was on Netflix and not Discovery Family. Furthermore, MLP and Netflix has had a steady relationship, what with bringing many new fans into the show (myself included). Maybe it will be wide released there first, with a trickled release onto Discovery Family.
  12. Howdy. I frequent MLP Forums, and am a mod there (and Poniverse board member), but I love silly cartoon horses so much, I decided to check this place out if that's welcomed. I'm Rob, in NY, husband and parent who got roped into watching the show and has been hooked on it for about a year and a half, plus. I may or may not think Rarity is Best Pony.
  13. PiratePony

    More forums to conquer

    It's nice to see you MLP Forum people here too - fun to see familiar faces. Regarding Poniverse stuff, I don't want to talk about it really, because (A) I'm staff there and (B) even on the corporate board there.
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    More forums to conquer

    I...am a man!
  15. You look familiar.

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      I get that a lot. I think it's coffee cup!