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  1. MrMalloy

    Hello Hello!

    Thank you! & Oooh, how splendid! I wasn't expecting a fan to be here.
  2. MrMalloy

    Hello Hello!

    Thank you, guys. Y'all already a bunch of sweet people.
  3. MrMalloy

    Hello all

    Hey, you're here too! Welcome, dude.
  4. Who were you on MLPF?

    1. MrMalloy


      I was Malloy. I saw you around a few times on it. Quite happy that you're here though, actually. (:

    2. Koukatsu
    3. MrMalloy
  5. Ahh, I'm settled. Guesss I found myself a new home. :D

  6. Oh, thank goodness for that - you're here too!

    1. Jeric


      I am? My covers blown!

      Seriously tho, awesome your on here too ^_^

    2. MrMalloy
  7. MrMalloy

    Hello Hello!

    Well, well, well! I never knew E.D had a forum! I'm a coffee addict, British, coder, gamer, Ex-Brony (Still love the fan made art), Big fan of Celine Dion, Enya, Evanescence & t.A.T.u. I somewhat lurked on the main site in the past and wanted to join. So, hello, nice to meet you!