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    /mlp/ Might Be Deleted

    In recent events, /mlp/ might be deleted. In these turbulent times, Operation IWTCIRD has been created. This operation is meant to be damage control for the event that /mlp/ is deleted, and this post is here since most users will likely migrate here. As such, the plan entails where to go, and information on why. There are more than one places we have lined up, so don't worry about that. The first, and likely only place we will want to use is Nextchan. Link: There are also some Pastebins to use: Propaganda: List of Sites, Just In Case:
  2. SelectBrony

    /mlp/ Might Be Deleted

    Okay, just to clarify, I'm not trying to stir up panic. None of us are. This is just in the event it does. As for proof, a poll was created on which board should be deleted, with /lgbt/ in first so far, with 34% and /mlp/ in second with 15%. Again, just for awareness if it does happen. Never hurts to be prepared with a bat and shotgun.