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  1. Dabmanz

    Hey, I'm Ice Shocker!

    Hi Welcome to equestria daily
  2. Dabmanz

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Star wars is my favorite.
  3. Dabmanz

    Lyras Boopquest Game (Needs Voice actors)

    Thanks I didn't think of it like that
  4. Hi I'm working on a game and was wondering if anyone is able to do the voice of celestia or Lyra Heartstrings?
  5. Dabmanz

    Hi Everypony im new.

    Thanks I'm glad you like my games
  6. Dabmanz

    Hi Everypony im new.

    Do I? Maybe you have seen me before somewhere.
  7. Hi everypony I just joined this forum nice to meet you all Btw Pancake Twilight is best Pony.