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  1. Hola!

    1. Bojo


      Hola!!! ¿Cómo te va? :sunset:

    2. Shimmer Sparkle

      Shimmer Sparkle

      Muy bien. Con frío. Y tu?

  2. Bojo

    Why are people so excited for Season 7?

    To be honest, I'm excited for season 7 just for three reasons: 1-Chance of getting a Celestia episode 2-Chance of Sunset Shimmer appearing on the show 3-More pony in general! (No matter how good/bad a season is, they always deliver at least two or three good episodes) I get how you feel about the show getting milked to the point of "living enough to become a villain." I would've liked the show to end already so it could've "died a hero" but if the show is getting more episodes no matter what I do, I might as well just embrace it and watch the upcoming episodes or ask people for recommendations on just the best episodes of the season. I truly hope next season brings a lot of good episodes with it!
  3. Bojo

    Answer The Question Above You

    The MLP comic! Why is [insert your fav FiM season here] your favorite?
  4. Bojo

    The Banned Game

    Banned for not having Twilight as your avatar
  5. Mikey


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    2. Mikey


      Great! And thanks ^^

      How are you? :D

    3. Bojo


      Doin' great as well, thank you! Was thinking about drawing some Twilight art, actually <3

      What have you been up to? :lunadance:

    4. Mikey


      Not much, work, derpibooru, chatting with friends on Discord, gaming :yay:

  6. Heya baltoist! Remember me? :D

  7. Bojo

    The Banned Game

    Banned for banning Lunar Echo
  8. B... but feeding the meme is good for your soul! ... EMBRACE THE MEME. Thank you very much! Hope for the same
  9. I THINK we've met before... :P

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    2. Violet_S


      of course I did! :D 

      I'm still getting used to these forums but I'm liking it here so far ^.^ and you? 

    3. Bojo


      Same here! Still need to be more active on both forums though @__@ 

      What have you been up to? :happy:

    4. Violet_S


      not much actually, just studying for college and trying to keep my life together ^.^ yesterday I had a chemistry lab exam so hopefully it'll be a good grade and tomorrow I have a biology lab exam and two other exams by the end of this week so yeah... this is gonna be a pretty busy week. But enough about me, what have you been up to? 

  10. *pets best deer*

  11. *boops le cute jerk*

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    2. Koukatsu


      Have you learned nothing from Strudel?

    3. Bojo


      Ye but one doesn't simply resist the urge to boop a cute jerk </3

    4. Koukatsu


      I am adorkable.

  12. Hello everyone! I'm Bojo (pronounced 'Boho' by the way... it's Spanish), and... uhmmm... I like ponies! Seiously though; I love drawing, computer science, pony mascots, and Mexican cuisine (tacos are best food). I look forward to get to meet you peoplez and lurk the hell outta the forums have a nice time around here
  13. Bojo

    Hi Everypony im new.

    Welcome to the forums! I'm new too! And yes, pancake pony is best pony