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  1. SwivelSwirl

    What is fall like?

    Leaves turn pretty colors for a few weeks, but really it's just cold... Too cold... I'm dreading winter... (I'm in Michigan, so I'm sure less cold states have nicer falls)
  2. No spoilers, but wow was part one of the finale good! Now I'm impatient for the other half. Waiting a day is just too long...

    1. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

      Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

      I thought it was good,but it was the setup that frustrated the hell out of me. It also confirms my theory that both the Equestria's leaders and military are utterly stupidĀ 

    2. SwivelSwirl


      I think that theory was confirmed about the time that the Wonderbolts got beaten by giant Spike. Especially since Spike seemed pretty dumb himself in that form...

  3. SwivelSwirl

    3 Questions For All Bronies Or Pegasisters

    1. Party Pooped (But I'm here for the silliness and jokes and not good story telling) 2. Hmm... This is a hard one... Probably that one with the dancing colt who looks like Scootaloo. That episode was just boring. 3. The Great and Powerful Trixie! (But Pinkie's a close second)
  4. SwivelSwirl

    What's Your Favorite Comic Arc/Issue?

    I haven't read too many of them, but of the ones I have read the Mirrorverse arc was definitely my favorite. So many interesting ideas...
  5. I agree! The current button thingy on the side is just not very noticeable...
  6. SwivelSwirl

    MLP Association Game

  7. SwivelSwirl

    Any writers wanna collab on a comic?

    I'd be interested in doing something like this! I have plenty of ideas for comic stories, but even though I am an artist, I'm way too lazy to make a actual comic. XD Let me know if you'd be interested in talking about it more? Maybe what sort of stories in particular you'd like to draw and we could see what I could come up with?