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  1. DrHexDex

    Hey guys!

    Haha thanks. I'll try to please don't kick me off the ride
  2. DrHexDex

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for having me!
  3. DrHexDex

    Hey guys!

    Thanks! I'll keep in touch if I need anything :3
  4. DrHexDex

    Hey guys!

    Papa Franku for lifeu
  5. DrHexDex

    Hey guys!

    It really has
  6. So glad I joined! Can't wait to get started.

  7. DrHexDex

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys, I've decided to move away from MLPForums and decided that I'll be posting here for now on. I don't know if any of you lurked over there from time to time but my profile there was HexDex. After Jeric and a bunch of the OG's jumped ship I decided that maybe it was time to move to EqD. So far I am loving this site and can't wait to be post my art, music, and other fun stuff here in the future! Thanks for having me here everypony.