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  1. Soul Flare

    Have you ever been accused of cheating in a game?

    Someone accused me of using a maphack in Starcraft 2. Because I used the Terrans' scan to find his bases.
  2. Everyone's talking about the doomsday that is election day and I'm just sittin' here in Europe bracing for impact o.o

    1. Ebon Scar

      Ebon Scar

      You and me both, buddy~

  3. Soul Flare

    Japan's Horse Dating Game

    That's not even poni. That's an abomination of everything concerning human creativity and I am genuinely concerned about the developers' mental health. But I like it
  4. Soul Flare

    Background ponies needed

    Feel free to use Soul. I think he'd work great as a background because he's just a simple pon. No gradients, fancy colors or crazy features, just a yellow pon with a brown mane. Also feel free to cover/replace his cutie mark if needed :v. No crediting or shoutouts required,
  5. Soul Flare

    If you could have anyone narrate your life?

    Definitely the narrator from Bastion
  6. Chin up!

    1. Lunar Holiday

      Lunar Holiday


  7. You talk like bronies are the only fandom of which certain members are convinced that they could have done better had they been in charge of whatever they're a fan of. Too bad that isn't the case. "I don't like this, therefore whoever made this is a complete scrub for making this happen and I would have been better than them, because I would have not made this" is a really common thought among those who fail to realize taste is subjective and people might like things differently than them. Don't blame one specific fandom, blame the egocentric mindset that certain people have regardless of which fandom they belong to, if one at all.
  8. Soul Flare

    LFM - EU Steam/ Friends!

    This one has heard thine call. I used to play quite a lot of doto back in the day, started during early closed beta (I was one of the lucky f**ckers who got a key when those were valuable) but left shortly after the release of ranked (the actual release had nothing to do with me quitting, I just got bored of the game). Right now I play Overwatch and... well, whatever I feel like playing. Some friends forcefully dragged me into LoL so I play that too. On rare occasions. Steam and Battletag
  9. Soul Flare

    Opinions on VR

    In my opinion, the entire point of VR is to feel immersed within the game, body and whatnot. If you're going to sit down and use your mouse and keyboard/gamepad, well, you might as well keep using a monitor/TV as it defeats the whole purpose. That being said, I do believe VR will have the same impact as the Wii's motion controllers and Kinect on conventional gaming, which is nothing.
  10. Oh, how I wish you could trade accents, 'cause I've met several british/american people who love to have mine while I'd love to have theirs.

  11. My enjoyment of life has drastically improved over the last 15 minutes and I strongly believe it is due to the fact that I just had pizza.

    1. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      I want Italian Pizza...~ :wait:

    2. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      But let's not also forget that you just completed your first ONE DOWN mission in Stealth! And it'll only get more exciting for you as well, good buddy.

    3. Soul Flare

      Soul Flare

      Yes, I successfully completed the task of hiding in the darkest corner of the spawn area for about 97% of the duration of the entire mission \o/

  12. Soul Flare

    I have returned!

    Srsly. I don't mean to be r00d, but this one doesn't like his steam profile to be posted around. That, and I already added toki, so pls delet this or I reprot u It's time *ahem* I mean Thank you for the welcome. Pls don't move anything, this thread is my lair now
  13. Soul Flare

    PAYDAY 2 - The John Cleese Edition

    Hold the buck up. So Safehouse customization is actually coming soon AND we get a british butler on top of it. This is all I've ever wanted
  14. As someone once mentioned in a video I was watching, one word processor is hardly different from another. Let's compare it to drawing programs, for instance. I've seen many an artist hopping from one program to another while working on the same piece, simply because program A might be better for sketching, program B for coloring and C for the finishing touches. Word processors, however, are basically the same thing. Notice how Microsoft Word's functionality has hardly changed over the years regardless of it having gone through countless iterations since its first release. This is because all you need to write any document is simply basic formatting options, a spell checker and maybe the option to import media into the document. Notepad, however, lacks those features. I recommend you use any proper word processor just to give your document some proper formatting before releasing it instead of it being just one massive wall of text. I'm not talking about anything too fancy, making titles bigger, bold and centered as well as polishing the text alignment should be far more than enough. As to which programs to use, well, as I've said, they're more or less the same. LibreOffice and OpenOffice are both completely free office suites which include a word processor, the other alternative is Microsoft Office, but I wouldn't pay for it just to write a fanfic (I wouldn't pay for it in general, as the two I mentioned either are roughly the same thing minus the fancy interface). Hope this helps.