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  1. I guess that I'm still figuring out how to ask or where to posit such a question, but I'm basically trying to figure out how the conventions work, if they cost anything, and if there are groups that form to go to them, groups to make logistics and costs easier to deal with. That, and I'm not sure that, at least in the sense of the big one, BronyCon in Maryland, I think it is, that I'll really have the wherewithal to get there on my own. Crowds and flight and all, so I was really just trying to find out where to even ask these questions. With Everfree Northwest, that one shouldn't be as much trouble, but going with some other people might make such an unprecedented gesture on my part a bit easier to transition into.
  2. DaBronish

    EQG or GoH?

    I feel dumb for being so out of the loop, but what is the Guardians of Harmony? I've Googled it, but I'm just finding merchandise and a game. Edit: Nevermind. I read above. As far as I can tell, it's a toy line. Or is there more?
  3. DaBronish

    Let me know if I belong here

    That line, image and all, popped into my head as soon as I'd read that.
  4. DaBronish

    Who do you want to see as a human?

    Ok, I'm not one to usually say it. But THIS. Yes to this.
  5. DaBronish

    Let me know if I belong here

    Well, thank you for my first little day. It was….weird, but heartwarming all the same. Like a 85/15 split. I think that the "get out of here, stalker" video was quite surreal, bordering on terrifying, but I actually thank that person, because Two Best Friends Play had referred to it tons of times, and I never knew what it'd meant, nor what context that it came from. So thank you.
  6. DaBronish

    Hello, I'm new.

    Glad that others are joining at the same time as me. I'd say the same thing on mine, if I weren't rather paranoid. But that's what I'm here to do: learn a little bit of trust, build up some more of that "self-esteem" that I've read so much about. I don't know if it means much to someone as fresh out of the gate as you, but welcome as well.
  7. DaBronish

    Let me know if I belong here

    I do thank you. I know, it was long. It sort of poured forth. But I really thank you. Something was rather petrifying about the whole thing.
  8. DaBronish

    Let me know if I belong here

    If someone requires clarification, I am quite happy to assist anyone. I don't want to leave anyone in the dark if they have curiosities.
  9. (I realize how long this is. I'm sorry. There is a TL:DR at the bottom. If you're pressed for time, I recommend it. In fact, as I'm a little embarrassed but don't want to retract my first post, I recommend it either way. Ok, I've had time to think about it. Seriously, don't read this. I kinda sound like a freak. Oh goodness, just read the TL:DR. I can't in good conscience delete this post or anything, but, just goodness. The TL:DR is best :B Seriously? Well, ok. That's very kind of you. Here I go, then.) If you knew me, this would seem wildly uncharacteristic for me. Forums, fandom, posting things, even any semblance of online activity. Perhaps it should be summed up best with a comparison to something that I'd said to my fiction writing professor when class had started, this Fall term, when she'd asked us why we were in the class (or had chosen it, etc). I'd given some reason that I can't remember, but had stayed behind to enlighten her, or at least stumble to the revelation, that (whatever I'd said) wasn't the truth. Instead, I'd told her "I don't know why." And she'd told me that that was a great reason. And I don't know still, nor do I know why I'm here. Sort of. Well, I do, but I don't. I don't know where to start, so I suppose that the blindfolded-in-front-of-a-dartboard approach will have to do. I guess that I'm trying to both unwrap the phenomenon that is this whole enterprise, the shows, the fandom, the moral authenticity of both. Authenticity is important to me, and I think that my inclusion here is going to be a part of that, if I can manage it. To start off with, I have never been a part of any forum, nearly literally, of any website, really. A few here and there in my youth. Well, more like Youth Side A. I like to think that I've flipped the disc, so to speak, to Side B, Post-high school. I know that there's no one around me with the same interest in this. Decidedly no one with the depth of creative analysis that I take with it (not within the fandom, nor specifically on this site, I mean literally, physically near me. I don't mean it as challenge or something hubristic). I love to dissect and examine different parts of the show. I love to defy the presumed "purity" or "naive innocence" of the show, while remaining understanding of those that don't see that right away. I don't find it the least bit disconcerting or unexpected when people react with outright repulsion or utter confusion at someone's interest in it. It's weird. Not BAD, just weird. I understand that this is an unprecedented experience going on, that this kind of thing with this kind of accumulated devotion is unheard of. It's the kind of thing that will take the world a while to get used to and, the hope is, to embrace. I have plenty of opinions on characters, plot lines, moral and ethical implications, the presence of weighty emotions and darker, or simply more mature, aspects of the show in its present, Hasbro sanctioned, current form. Of course much lies beyond, in the realm of the Creatives and the like, but even in the show and subsequent productions I hold plenty of, some would say, though I dearly hope not amongst those that may read this, emotional resonance with this show, if you will. I've found it quite deserving of praise for tending to that side of the human condition, rather "sentient" maybe, as we're experiencing these feelings and emotions through quadrupeds: ponies, griffins, what have you. And those feelings haven't the faintest place to go, until now. And I still don't know if this is meant for me. I suppose that I just wanted to be able to look forward to something. I don't mean to make that sound as depressing as it seems, I'm well aware that I have plenty to be thankful for, a family as loving and devoted, enough so to rival literally everyone that I know. But there is an entire part of me that I have yet to explore, to explore the reality of its power and value around and within me. Perhaps in doing this I'll discover that it's not actually that much, that I've just built up pressure behind something that, when released, will subside and then my inclusion into the fandom will be over. Perhaps not. And I'm not sure of which I hope for yet. I guess the truth remains: I don't know. As you may have noticed, I tend to lean towards the dramatic, the waxing of the poetic, I suppose. Some may see that as simply trying to avoid the monotony of reality with a little gilding. Even I fear that that may be true at times. But I want to believe that it's more than that. More than some doomed denial of the grey dull of the real. I enjoy color, I enjoy goodness, I enjoy conflict, and I enjoy honest-to-god resolution born from real communication. I guess, as far at the bottom of cliches as it goes, that I just wanted to know that there really were others out there that were at least similar to me in some, or indeed any, of these regards. I think that I'm just looking for something special, something unique, to unwrap in my emails, in little messages, whenever I visit this frontier outpost of unprecedented pop culture entities. I only have a few fears that are kept hidden, suppressed, by what I believe to be the core qualities of the Bronydom, if you will. I differ in many regards, and I don't know if it makes me incompatible with what is going on here. I realize how amateur it may make me seem to note these, but I relish security, and I tend to let caution get the better of me. In all honesty, I don't think that the term Brony should or will ever apply to me. It's really what my username, or such, is meant to convey. I've found myself toying at time with the application of the definition, and it just never sat right to do so. I consider myself an "ally," or "kin" to the whole bunch. I've just never felt like Brony painted an authentic picture of me. I believe that a "casual" viewer is a thing, but I don't find myself drawn to the moniker. I thoroughly support it for others who find it to be a fitting badge of honor, and I believe in such an idea, but it isn't for me. I also tend to feel a little alien whenever considering show specific vernacular or vocabulary, specifically with regards to modified nouns like "everypony," or being referred to as "joining the herd." I understand how such language can make someone feel included, even empowered, and appreciated. It's a kind of validation of one's interests. But I just get claustrophobic, in a sense that my language becomes less of my own and more of a mass approved rendition. I understand it, but it's just not for me. That's where Bronish came from. Not quite Brony, but decidedly not dismissive of the fandom. I like the people, I like the show, and I like what it says about the world in times this dark. I hope that that's alright. I believe that there's a spirit and an art to this show. I believe that while it may have started off as a something to profit off of, that it can be taken and infiltrated with a group of good natured, genuine individuals and made into something that surpasses corporate bottom lines. I believe that it is intelligent and quick, that it is finessed and refined to a sophistication amongst its peers. It's no small matter that Lauren Faust had had a hand in this conclusion of mine. And I'm just hoping that I can get something out of this. Friends would be nice. I do apologize for the length of this. I had anticipated a much more concise first posting, but as it is with me, authenticity is more important to me than nearly anything, and this is me. Funnily enough, introversion is my bastille, through and through. I guess that I'm just desperate to find out if there's anyone out there that I can get to know. In the end, I feel like I need a little help, and I finally found the courage, or, well, something, to look for it here. Let me know if I belong. P.S. There's much more, but I should end it while I can. Sufficed to say that this is not a public interest with me, not for insecurity necessarily, but just because explaining my interest and validating it is taxing, and takes an open mind on the recipients end, and I haven't the time for it yet. DaBronish, Day 1. Now have yourself a coffee or a muffin or something, on me. You've earned it. Maybe I should print badges for those that actually made it through the whole thing. My way of saying thank you. TL:DR This is incredibly new to me, posting things, MLP forums, the whole thing. I don't know if I belong, but I just couldn't wait to find out. Looking for friends and to explore this part of me in a way that I've never done before, and I was just hoping for a little help to do it. I don't expect any kind of Welcome to Ponyville, Pinkie Pie song, ha. Maybe just some help learning the ropes. Essentially, I'm new, I'm an idiot that says too much at the wrong time and not enough at all the others. So I guess, here I am. Where do I go from here?