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    Writing, movie-making, listening to others talk about their interests at length. I love to listen to someone who's so passionate or heavily immersed in any given topic, as long as it's something that they're extremely knowledgeable and/or enthusiastic about. The further that they get lost in it, the better.
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    Student, trying to be a writer, i.e trying to get to a point wherein my ideas don't commit suicide in my head before they even reach the pen or keyboard, much less find their way to the page or screen.
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I guess that my horrendously long introductory post says enough. I'm long-winded and hopelessly addicted to eloquence and Frasier/Rarity-esque sophistication, but aren't allergic by AJ and/or Dash like qualities. Like many, I find each to be a reflection of part of my own personality.


I'm just not sure of who I am in all of this, but I want to find out. I wanted this to become more than a clandestine interest of mine, always looking fondly at my phone background or listening to soundtracks and remixes from Hasbro and fans, respectively, in secret. I had finally felt the need to explore this a little bit more, to let it out. So I hope that I get the chance to do that.


I'd also come here to write. Not fan fiction, necessarily, but just to share my writing on a platform that I could feel comfortable on, while still looking for challenges to overcome.


I dunno. Let me know if this is anything that you want to get to know.