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  1. Crimson Fire

    Throw something at the user above you.

    *throws box of parasprites*
  2. I am saddened that G4 will be coming to an end...but I also look forward to what G5 will have to offer. And new friends to make and adventures to have.
  3. Crimson Fire

    What Is The Best MLP: FIM Song

    Hmmm for me personally..I would have to go with "This Day Aria" from A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2..the Season Finale of Season 2. I say this because that song felt different in tone from every other song prior to that one. Two ponies ( alicorn and a changeling queen to be exact) singing off of each other and giving an indication to their motives and feelings. I am not gonna lie, I could feel the emotion from both of them as they sung, leaving me mesmerized by the performance. I could not help but listen to it multiple times after it came out, as it was so good. I think it was those included..that really showed what MLP:FiM was capable of doing. Those episodes raised the bar for that show in regards to a story line and emotional impact..a bar that remained where it was until the end of Season 4 in my opinion. This Day Aria is one of those songs that will get into your head and never leave..a song that you will find yourself listening to again and again, even singing to yourself.
  4. Crimson Fire

    Hello and One Question

    Welcome to the pony forms, Red Steel! Glad to have you aboard There are no set rules for what constitutes as being a brony..just enjoy the show and have fun with the fandom.
  5. Crimson Fire

    RP Interest Check least the desire to RP is alive in some of us.
  6. Hmmm for me..the first song had to be the Discord Remix with Eurobeat Brony and Living Tombstone. I was listening to it in college and I could not help but admire this music. It was catchy, it was creative..and I could not help but sing it. I think this is the song that got me into the Brony music scene..and I have enjoy what they have to offer ever since.
  7. Crimson Fire

    RP Interest Check

    I understand that. I would love to see it pick up again. But thank you for the information.
  8. Crimson Fire

    RP Interest Check

    Hey! I just posted that I was interested in doing some RP myself I would enjoy doing a bit of this.
  9. Crimson Fire


    Welcome welcome to the group, a.b. I certainly hope that you enjoy it here..there is much to do and fun to be had.
  10. Crimson Fire

    Hello to all of EqD

    Well thank you all so very much for your incredibly warm welcome into the forums! I already feel like part of the family. And Lunar Holiday..that was quite a greeting indeed...I dare say that I may grow to like you. Let's have fun..all of us. /)
  11. Crimson Fire

    Hello to all of EqD

    That is some good information to know about, Captain! And yes, I will be sure to poke around plenty around here.
  12. Crimson Fire

    Hello to all of EqD

    I am sure I will be able to. And a pleasure to meet one of the community moderators.
  13. Crimson Fire

    Hello to all of EqD

    Hmm..I never thought of it that way before.. I dun wanna burn all the EqD down! Or perhaps my fire will become part of you..and it will allow us to burn much hotter and brighter
  14. Crimson Fire

    Hello to all of EqD

    Why thank you, SkyRazer. I am sure I will. I hope you are having a fun time on your end.
  15. Crimson Fire

    Hello to all of EqD

    *ahem* Hello hello, to all you lovely bronies and pegasisters out there on EqD. I am Crimson Fire, wishing to greet you formally. I am 27 years old and I live in the United States..Oklahoma to be exact. I have been a brony since 2011 and I have been following the show since then. I have had interest in the events and community that made up EqD, both with the music and the events that have gone on. I would like to immerse myself in the group and make many friends and have lots of pony adventures. I would like to invite you to strike up a conversation or two with me, I do not bite, I nom actually Anyway, I hope to get to know as many of you as I can and keep in touch. Broohoofs to all! /)