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  1. The fanfiction possibilities with that are endless! We're all doomed if the two of them ever turn on us.
  2. lyrabop

    Hey, I'm Ice Shocker!

    Welcome, and enjoy your stay!
  3. lyrabop

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    I agree the first one was just okay. The reason I like it is because of all the memories I have of going to see it at the theatre haha. (and how excited the fandom was about it) But yeah, Rainbow Rocks is my favourite because of the great songs! And I just watched Legend of Everfree the other day and it had amazing songs too. Friendship Games is alright, and has a great story, but the music was a little lacking (except for "Right There in Front of Me")
  4. lyrabop

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    Seeing an EQG Starlight would be pretty great haha
  5. lyrabop

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    I absolutely adore her! Rarity is my favourite pony, but Shim is my fave Equestria Girl.
  6. lyrabop


    :^) Thanks, I think! A-hoi!
  7. lyrabop


    Yes, I meant Rarity haha. And I do post a lot on other websites, but they're mostly imageboards. This is the first pony-related forum I've signed up for. Thanks for the welcome! And thanks to everyone else too!
  8. lyrabop


    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a brony since 2012 and my favourite pony is Rarara The last year or so I've been trying to interact with the fandom a lot more as opposed to just lurking everywhere (or posting anonymously). And making an account here seems like a good start! I recently moved back to my home country, so most of my irl pony friends are like an 18+ hour plane ride away. Hopefully I can make some more pals here!
  9. lyrabop

    Favorite Writer (Season 6)

    No Second Prances has quickly become one of my favourite episodes from the entire series, so I really have to hand it to Confalone. It had great humour, and great dramatic moments that seemed quite mature considering the show's target demographic. And the friendship between Starlight and Trixie has so much potential for future episodes. I would love to see some more stories about the two.
  10. lyrabop

    What is fall like?

    You should pick a few up and press them in a book! And sorry to hear things aren't so easy for you. The smell! I forgot about that! The smell of dried leaves is really nice haha. I was living in a tropical country for the past year so I haven't experienced Fall and Winter for a while, really looking forward to it!
  11. lyrabop

    What is fall like?

    Pink leaves would be very pretty!
  12. lyrabop

    What is fall like?

    The leaves on the trees dry up and turn pretty shades of brown and yellow. The cold wind makes the dry leaves rustle. You can jump in piles of leaves! Basically a lot to do with leaves and cold. It's just a really beautiful time of year.