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  1. WhiteBolt QuillBreeze

    The music sharers!

    HEY YOU! YES YOU SIR! You like music? WUNDERBAR!!! Post a song you like down below and share it with others. Everyone discovers new music and we can share the love! I'll start... Evacuate the Dancefloor (Nightcore edit).
  2. WhiteBolt QuillBreeze

    Caption This!

    Right; who turned the physics off?
  3. People are entitled to an opinion and to do what they do. This said, the phrase, "Don't like? Don't watch/read/whatever!" springs to mind immediately. Any how....haters gonna hate eh?
  4. WhiteBolt QuillBreeze

    Tackling mature issues

    I've been thinking about this for quite a bit but would like to see others opinions; would we like episodes in Season 7 that tackle more mature themes regarding sexuality and gender identification? I feel like the writers have shown that they have the ability to handle mature subjects well sometimes ("Tanks for the Memories" on grief) but also make really bad mistakes ("Do Princesses dream of Magic Sheep?" on depression). Either way, what do we think?
  5. So...


    I'm bored...SEND HALP!!!

  6. WhiteBolt QuillBreeze


    Hi! New guy just wanting to mess around and have fun!