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  1. looking for players to join my community BronyGamersGuild Users of my steam group will soon have access to the following 1. Customized Steam Skin Exclusive To the Members Of the BronyGamersGuild 2. Ftp File access (MYSTERYSHARE) file server for users that subscribe before 12/21/2016 [find out what it is yourself] 3. game development and artwork exchange cloud storage!! 4. Fanfic Sections, Artwork sections, and much more on The BronyGamersGuild Forums!! 5. Streaming Channel On youtube.com!! 6. Soundcloud Streaming Station For those who like some music with their games!! 7. access to a soon to be massive online brony gaming community!! 8. Dedicated server hosts around the beginning of 2017!! 9. kalira players for those who like retro games (sega, gamebiy, nintendo, sony, and more [playing with others online multiplay] an open welcoming community for all types of gamers and all sorts of games(some even free) we work hard to give our bronies the best experience!! So Come And Join Us!! -metamorphisis *all these features soon to have their own domain