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  1. Princess Emerald Moon

    Today is my birthday!

    Happy Birthday
  2. Princess Emerald Moon

    If you could have anyone narrate your life?

    Morgan Freeman or Bob Ross
  3. Princess Emerald Moon

    Background ponies needed

    They will basically just walk around and interact with things in the background, like extras in a film :) .
  4. Princess Emerald Moon

    Background ponies needed

    I'm making a MLP animation to start up my new YouTube channel, I didn't want to make a bunch of random generic ponies in the background, so I'm looking for OC's to use. I will say however it is not guaranteed that I will use your OC (Depending on how many people put theirs forward ). I will be putting them in Victorian styled costumes, so if that would be an issue I'm afraid I can't use them for this animation. If you are interested reply with an image of your OC along with your name (Or youtube name) and your pony's name if you wish me to credit you if I use your OC. Thank you for any submissions