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  1. Brony250

    First One-Shot!

    Been meaning to announce this on here but never gotten around to it. My one-shot now has an official cover-art.
  2. Brony250

    First One-Shot!

    I just posted my first one-shot on FIMFiction! if you haven't yet please give it a look and let me know what you think - My Wings Will Keep You Safe
  3. Brony250

    Rise of the Apple Princess

    Been meaning to announce this. Chapter 2 to "Rise of the Apple Princess" is officially up! if you haven't yet go check it out.
  4. Brony250

    Please Sign this Petition

    Hi, For those who are familiar with a British television show called Woof! please sign this petition for a chance to get it revived on Netflix.
  5. I've decided to my hand on trying my own episodic script for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I already started a teaser that you get at the beginning of every episode and I'd like to get feedback on it and see how it looks. If it's good I might continue on it. If not however then I'll scrap the idea and try again sometime in the future. Here is the link to the GDoc if anyone wants to view it: Sparkle Bloom
  6. Brony250

    Where to Post?

    I'd like to post a topic about an episodic fan script I'm working on but I'm not sure where to post.
  7. I've recently just posted the first chapter to my newest fanfic "Rise of the Apple Princess" if you haven't yet please check it out I'd appreciate the feedback: Rise of the Apple Princess
  8. Brony250


    Hiya, This is Brony250, some of you may know me from DeviantArt and FIMFiction. I also commented on EQD from time to time. I look forward to being part of this forum.