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  1. Winter Rose

    Music Swap Thread

    I can only think of this musician right now. Suggestion: Zykrath - Eternal Night Likes: Dark Ambient.
  2. Winter Rose


    Another favorite of mine. Wish the group was still making songs. Hah, there's a lot of songs I come back to listen to on my channel from time to time. Another one from my favorite musician.
  3. Winter Rose

    List of Metal and Rock across the fandom

    So, anyone here. I've begun archiving some music in place of BMA when they hopefully come back. I haven't been really active now in the music of the fandom but I think I might still maintain my archive. You'll find it here if you're interested -
  4. Seems Midnight Rain deleted his stuff on youtube. I liked this particular one -
  5. Winter Rose

    I'm in a Game rut, pls halp.

    The only games I really play now a days are Oblivion and Fallout 3 modded and emulator games for gamecube. Much of the new games now don't really interest me. Maybe that's because of nostalgia. The FWE mod and the 20th century weapons mod for Fallout makes the game interesting to me. For the Dolphin emulator... eh there's a lot of gamecube stuff I haven't played. I played Custom Robo recently I guess (that game's story was weird).
  6. Winter Rose

    List of Metal and Rock across the fandom

    Hey guys I managed to find one of Deth's songs from his friendship is metal series - lucky me. Also, you can find some songs from Derpidety and Carnivorous Chrysalis that are gone on my channel if you guys want them. And you can have this very old collaboration album started by Dethonator that was never finished -
  7. Winter Rose

    List of Metal and Rock across the fandom

    Yeah, it started out as a preference thing but now I'm saving everything. Likely why I skipped those. Thanks for reminding me. As for Paradise that one's acoustic. I don't suppose any of you know the whereabouts of three tracks I'm trying to find named - Dethonator - Friendship is thrash metal - Last Sunrise (Luna's theme) Breadfan - You Gotta Share melodic death metal remix A track by Night of the Changeling's band about Nightmare Moon? They're all missing. I found out that a musician named discordant3 (I believe) was listening to Deth's track but never responded to me to confirm if he had it or not. There's a few more from Deth missing as well. His neighslayer album for one. I doubt anyone here has it but maybe someone out there saved it hopefully. I'm particularly worried about the stuff on the internet that's obscure that will go missing eventually. But I guess there's not much I can do about that.
  8. Winter Rose

    List of Metal and Rock across the fandom

    ah, thanks for reminding me. I had that guy in another folder for some reason.
  9. For those that are interested in those genres I've got a list I keep of all the metal and rock in the fandom I've come across. Mostly as a tribute to Dethonator seeing as he got me into metal with his songs. There were some obscure musicians I've found with google's search operators on bandcamp and soundcloud. Lately, I've been noticing stuff disappearing off the internet and would like to save whatever is out there. I would appreciate any help. Also, I'm loose when it comes to metal and rock. As long as it has guitar strings and drums I count it. And electronic isn't too prominent throughout the mix. There's a little acoustic and jazz in the list as well. That was a preference of mine. Here's the link - Yeah... it's a large list. Maybe you'll find a musician you've never heard of. You should be able to find them on bandcamp, soundcloud, or youtube You might notice a string of characters after the song titles. It just means they were ripped in inferior quality. The alphanumeric ones right after the dash you can put in the youtube url after the equal sign and it will lead you straight to the video.
  10. Winter Rose

    Music Swap Thread

    I can think of a few. I'm sure you've already heard Respin and Oodorato. Maybe some of Jackie's music? Is this what you're looking for? There's some of Twilight's vocals in there. I like this one. Suggestion: Paul Aremu & Nikki Layne - It's Time LIKES: uh a beautiful soundscape I suppose.
  11. Winter Rose

    What are you listening to?

    I can't help but listen to this song from time to time. It reminds me of the old times. Nostalgia. A song that was never finished I found on an old thread. Too bad they never released the finished album. Also, I'm listening to Zykrath too.
  12. Winter Rose

    Music Swap Thread

    SUGGESTION: Sweetie Bot Reggae [Chiptune] Apparently, this is with chiptune. I don't think I've listened to Reggae before. LIKES: I like metal and rock but I'm very familiar with the artists in the fandom aside from newer ones I suppose. So I'll request something like this - Makazi - Our Hapless Nadir? I like melancholic piano pieces as well. Anyone want chiptune :D?