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    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Happy Easter from Fluttershy
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    Hey Rarity, there's something pink on your muzzle
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    Major and Minor
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    Derpy Hooves Fan Club

    Derpy wishes you a Happy Easter!
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    Derpy Hooves Fan Club

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    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Well ain't that a FABULOUS-looking Rainbow
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    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Oh wow, whatever happened here?
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    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    What store can I get that in?!
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    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Well that was a pink comic for sure
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    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Well ain't that a pretty look
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    Season 8 DVD

    Hi there! As far as I know, S8 DVD just wasn't announced yet. I think they will do that later. Not enough time has passed since S7 DVD was released. If only you knew how great my crave for seasons on Blu-Ray. But alas, no news did we receive regarding those. There might be a chance that they will announce those as a complete set once the show is over. 'sigh' Dreams...
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    Season 9, Episode 3: Uprooted

    1st VIT, everypony! - I didn't know that Silverstream is a big fan of Iron Man - Wow! Dashu has this much Wonderbolt authority now? Cool. - said it, Ocellus...WUT? ...what's going on? - Tree! You're alive! Wait, so you are a messenger? I thought it was Tree itself all along. - Hi, Spike! - ...well that didn't work - Oh hi, Lord Friendly Bug! How are you doing today? - Oooh, you know your adorkable headmare well, Gallus. Mah griffon! - Well that was a long way for Yona...and a short one for Gallus XD - Presentation? Oh Streamy. Good hippogriff ^_^ - YOU DID WHAT? Could have waited for the rest - Aaand here we go: the conflict. - Gallus the Carnival Ringleader Birb XD - Ocellus is...where did I see this kind of attitude before? - 'sigh' Commence breakdown. - We know the drill, everypony: make up and fix things - Ooo, a song - SUDDEN PERFECTURISATION TRANSFORMATION! - Why do I get a feeling that Tree just doesn't like Mane 6? It communicates a lot with Student 6 to the point of rebuilding itself with their help and speaking about their generation and forward, while getting destroyed when Mane 6 might need it. Are you suggesting that Mane 6 friendship is not good enough for you anymore, Ms Tree? Overall thought: It's alright, I guess.