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    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    How dare you, Mr Confetti?! How dare you interrupt that angelic voice?!
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Awwwww, look at that cutie <3
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    Shining Armor Fan Club

    Must be such a wonderful thing: to have a beloved sweetheart to snuggle with in your sleep.
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    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Really? You really wondering about funny nature of your mane, Pinka? (Done by @Jarg1994)
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    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    That's a lotta pink!
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    Princess Cadance fan club!

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    The Dazzlings / The Sirens Fan Club

    Just dare calling her cute one more time...baka
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    Yes, Twilie! Show him, you pony...I mean, elf-girl!
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    Pinkaponk, I strongly suggest you watch the road!
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    Just Pinka...pinking around, right?
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    Mermaidlestia, everypony!
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    Isn't it great to have spiritual sister as awesome as Dashie to take care of you?
  13. So, I finally watched the premiere too. here are my 1st viewing immediate thoughts: Pinka > a bowling ball! THAT BOOK COVER SWEET CELESTIA, TWILIE! CALM DOWN!!! Twilighting? TWILIGHTING?! PINKA, YOU MAGNIFICENT GENUIS! How much I can relate to Twilie. Chryssie? Tirek? Cozy?! S-s-s-s...SOOOOOOOOMBREROOOOOOOOOOO!!! Wait, what? Oh hey, that's the guy from G1. You are...ah yes, Grogar? What is this!? Avengers but with villains? Oh, so he is a big shot, eh? Puny Ponies?! BASTARD! 'pfffft' Why Sombrero's voice cracks me up? Starlight, please get LOADS OF ICE!!! We need...oh colt. She got it too...oh, get it...or we STILL NEED ICE! Oh no! MIND CONTROL HELMETS! ...well that was quick. THAT "PWEEEASE" TWILIE What is up with that check? it just me or the pace is a Huh? TREE! SOMBRA YOU'LL SUFFER FOR THIS! AND WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR VOICE?! ...not even Pinka can cheer us up now...oh... ...BUT HER DRRRILL IS BACK, EVERYPONY! Sh...SHOW ME THE MUDDY?! Rrrarrrity, you ssspicy lady NOT SPIKE AND STARLY TOO! That's some aggressive gardening I'm seeing here. Well what do you know, those two came to help! Oh, and Starswirl! Welcome to my world, Mane 6. How do you think I feel about hurting you in a situation like this? You don't know, Twilie...except teleporting into the castle. It's okay, sweety. I also say inaccurate things about my next actions when under pressure. DISCORD! COULD HAVE HELPED, YOU KNOW! ...oh. [ + that pony sure does love dark crystals ] Did...did Discord just say MVP? Most Valuable Player?! So much for MVP A. C. T. O. R. "You should be" What are you, Yoda now? Like I said, ACTOOOR So those baddies are saving it until next time... Overall...I dunno, guys. Must be my drink when I was watching, but I did get a feeling that the premiere felt a bit...rushed. As in, a story crammed into a frame smaller than it requires. I felt like it tried to tell us the story as quick as it could so it could make it into the 40 minute limit. And with that sign off I will.
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    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    A gift of Pinka
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    Autumn Blaze Fan Club

    It is my sincere belief that this kirin right here is the literal definition of "unbelievably snuggly"