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    2. Leonbrony17


      I was. Then i got banished because the mods over there are fucked up liars. I don't wanna be there anymore.

    3. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Liars? What makes you say so?

    4. Leonbrony17


      I was VERY suicidal when i was there in late 2016, posted too many suicidal status updates, got a status update block and post approval block for one month. Understandable. I broke the rules.


      They were talking to one of my friends and said it was a bit too harsh and that they regret it but they wanna go through with it anyway.


      One month is 30 days in my book. 6 weeks (which is well over a month) passed and didn't make a single post and they didn't release it. On top of that, before the block there was a guy bullying me pretty often and calling my posts and topics unecessary, stupid, retarted, and so on. I reported him around 10 times and they never removed his posts or punished him. And he had a higher up position on the forum.


      I asked them about why they lied to me, didn't remove the block like they promised (something they said themselves they were regretful about), lied yo my friends and didn't do anything against the guy bullying me. The response was "You're banished. You have no right to question our actions".

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