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  1. Someone been busy:) I just got done with the semester. So expect me to talk about the finale in my thread.
  2. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Dec 15th to be exact actually.
  3. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    I will be starting my series once I finish this semester.
  4. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Yo dude. Long time no talk.
  5. Nope. It's one of my favorites of the season. People just have it for Dash.
  6. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    hmm...found that episode to be forgettable.
  7. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    I made a mistake. Reread my post Nuke.
  8. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    For an episode introducing one of my favorite side characters it's fine but looking at the big picture. Yeah I agree with point number one. MLP has a decent amount of episodes that have the characters acting like bitches for sake of plot. But I don't know if it is an F maybe a D or D- but did point number one make you that piss off. Because this time you're not over thinking as what you can see here can be seen as racist.
  9. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Well I think it's fine here but if this was a later season episode you would have more of a case. She doesn't do anymore or as often now in the newer seasons.
  10. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Twilight getting a book to help her out or making reference to it crafted her character if you ask me so it's fine here. She been about books since day 1 and they haven't gotten away from it.
  11. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    1. I felt it worked well within the plot since AJ isn't use to a sleepover and Rarity is. AppleJack is rough and there was an episode later in the series that did this plot again. So the show is going out of their way to show how one is fancy and rough. I found what they did to each other to be funny and how not only they resolve it but how both Rarity and applejack work together to stop the treehouse from being destroyed. 2. Not much to add here. 3. Yeah it's for kids doesn't protect it from criticism. Well there was another one. You felt Twilight was being stupid for the sake of plot. I disagree with this. She was just trying to be a good friend and find a way to kill time. Also keep in mind she sent to ponyville to learn about friendship. If this episode happen after season 3 you would have more of a point but here. Her being naive to situation works out fine since she ends up being the glue to bring them together.
  12. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Dude you just gave one of the funniest episode of season 1 and of all MLP an F. Okay...time for me to actually go on a rant. Not against you but against the modern cartoon reviewers. 1. STOP BEING SO DAMN SENSTIVE TO MEAN-SPIRITED HUMOR. I'm sick of tired of episodes that are fine and are made for comedy purposes getting ripped apart from the sensitive snowfalkes. All their arguments boil down to," Why is everyone so mean?!" You must have been bullied a lot in school. 2. the 90s were pretty much mean spirited central If people can praise the 90s so highly and still consider it a golden age in animation. I really find it hypocritical for people to rip a show or an episode of anything on the sole basis for characters not being nice to each others. 3. Cartoons are for children. Remember that my friends. No matter how much people like Sugar, Faust, and Hircsh push the medium forward. These are still for children. Mean spirited humor has always been a hotseller. Our society needs to stop being so sensitive. Sorry about that. Nothing against you Nuke but I hate how the modern cartoon reviewers calls something bad base on the basis of, "WAHHH you're being mean to someone!" It just bothers me how sensitive everyone has gotten and think we should have tougher skin.
  13. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    I can see what you're saying Nuke but Trixie really was pumping herself up and not being able to handle criticism made her look like a butt. Let's remember this show is for little girls so this episode works better for them than us I think.
  14. MasterSaruwatari

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Oh yeah Dragonshy is pretty good. Also I don't get the hate for Boat Busters it has a simple setup of the cocky villain and with the theme of the show it is obvious why no one would like her. I'm not saying the episode is amazing but it was a good setup to bring Trixie who was an effective villain without even doing something big. She is a mean girl and she plays that role perfectly....better than Sunset Shimmer. I can say more about Boat Busters when I caught a rerun on Discovery while watching SU reruns on CN before switching to TTG.(I always change the channel.). But yeah Boat Busters does everything right and has a decent pay off. It was a good way to show us that there are other sway to be evil in MLP than causing an end of the world scenario. Edit: I agree with Griffon Brush off though. I felt boat Busters did a better job than Griffon Brush off in my opinion.
  15. MasterSaruwatari

    Chicago Cubs win the 2016 World Series!

    As a Cubs fan since the 90s it is so awesome to finally see it happen.