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  1. Soobel

    Soobel's thingies

    Sitting ponies and forgotten expression/angle
  2. Soobel

    Fallout: Equestria!

    End was negligent and fast. When all the story was very detailed, all the blood of every unimportant sprawling was mentonied, then writer skipped whole long epic battles at last chapters.
  3. Soobel

    Fallout: Equestria!

    I have never played Fallout or other contemporary games, last ones was anicent Quake II M$ Combat Flight Simulator. Im around 35th chapter of main story and still hope the end are good written. Its too long and contains dispensable actions, just fightings and gore and i forget important things due reading them and must re-read those important things. Im not believe i start with Horizons or other stories, i afraid those astronomical lenghts.
  4. I wait desperately last chapters of Mente Materia. But author are ill and have not health to write further
  5. Soobel

    Fallout: Equestria!

    Im around 15th chapter of main story. Not bad, not good. Adventure itself are interesting, questions "What happen next" "what happend to equestria, princesses and M6" hold me reading. Arad's Stardust and Mente Materia are far better and dramatic
  6. Soobel

    Soobel's thingies

    Chubby Luna defying the gravity Such effort make panting
  7. Soobel

    Ilona's Artwork

    Beautiful things
  8. Soobel

    Soobel's thingies

    Spoiled Rich, “Cloudie, help me down! Now! Cloudie .... Please, don’t tell anypony. Please! Help me down! I’ll pay you 500 bits!” Cloudie Brilliant (laughing out loud), “500 bits ... I’ll make you earrings with 10 carat gems for free if you show me how you got there.”
  9. Soobel

    A father of a new fan

    Hmm blindbag's CODES are still readable or not? Blindbags have stamps on their lower edge, what contains numbers and letter and last ones (Like AC, AL etc) are hints, which pony are inside. And those codes are available around web. Most of my BlindBbag ponies i have searched by these codes.
  10. Soobel

    Do you wanna have a plushie?

    BAB rules. Tia is mine, Lulu are wife's. I have not a pic about my Derpy and daughter's Trixie. Im also dream of a bigger Maud or Glimmy what have hooks bottom forehooves which allow tie the hooves together and set the plushie hanging on lap or back, forelegs around wearer neck.
  11. Soobel

    Soobel's thingies

    To Diamond Tiara, she's a mother most dear. To everypony else, she's a pain in the rear.
  12. Soobel

    Aaron's Drawthread

    Nothing new below the sun
  13. Soobel

    My 3D Artwork

    Something seems weird... I think the face itself should be a bit wider and eyes a bit smaller and wider. Twily's eyes are not round, but almond-shaped.
  14. Soobel

    Show me your OC!

    Cloudie was a cute foal, but very sick. Metabolic diseases causes obesity, what stress her weak heart. Some of the doctors was not sure, can she see her adulthood or...