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  1. FTFire

    Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror

    We have only one please for us.Tell to other ponys about us,this be a better reward for us.Thank's
  2. FTFire

    Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror

    Thank you for comment,yes today we have a small amount of games at MLP or FoE universe.We have idea with a servers,they works the same as a server of Legions War.We already tested it and not seen any dropping of ping.If community support this then we immediately provide it and you can play without emulators.
  3. Our path begins from here... Main Task: Find a road which lead to path in city Aronfide. Download Link: https://drive.google...OVlKbFZCOUFXSDA Q\A Thread: Q: What be,if Flashlight be over? A: Find another,if be over your visibility become zero. Q: Why i can't to pick up a two weapons,one of them is always drops from inventory. A: You can have a one weapon only. Q: Med Kit from bleeding,what it doing. A: Save you from bleeding,you can get bleeding from strikes of Purple and Red Creatures. Q: I can't complete the task with "Two Statues" we activated both,but path is not open. A: Blackjack must be near Red Statue and Little Pip must be near Blue. Q: How to shoot? A: Hower the mouse on enemy,and if cursor is red click by right button.One Shoot = One Ammo. Tips: -Head,sometime you can leave a battle with minimum loses.Every fight against creatures can be fatal. -Cooperate actions with your partner.Two heads is betters than one. -You can't revive and your partner too,you have a one life.Here not checkpoints or etc. -Strategy can save life. If you have questions or something else send them to our forum. Promote us,tell to others about us.It will be a best reward for us Forum Don't have partner?Search them here
  4. Name: Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror. Platforms: PC,Mac,Linux. Type: Co-op for 2 Players. Genre: Old school Survival Horror with some RPG elements. Developers: KnatE and EFT Team. Engine: Forgotten Equestria (Reworkered Legions Engine) Status: In the development! Story in Short Form: Day by day i see a one and the same dream,where i falling in abyss and after this all begins from start again.Little Pip,are you okay?Yes Blackjack,let's go to bar "Wild Flame" i need to rest. All begin from stranger,he came to us and asked our help.I'm immediately feel what this not a really true,but from lust of money Bjay accepted it.Our task is been take a rare relict that needed to stranger,but we don't understand that city Aronfide in which we going,have a mystery and then what we will have to face,certainly will not ask for what we arrived. Chapter 1: The Road. (Completed on 100%) Chapter 2: Abandoned House. (Completed on 40%) Chapter 3: Aronfaid "The City of Death". (Completed on 0%) Chapter 4: Last Hospital. (Completed on 0%) Chapter 5: Creature of Madness. (Completed on 0%) Chapter 6: Secret of Task. (Completed on 0%) Common Progress (20%) We opened the site of Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror for everypony,it still need some updates but you can now register. http://falloutequestriafe.shivtr.com MLP Forums page - https://mlpforums.com/topic/158439-fallout-equestria-forgotten-horror/
  5. Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror Chapter's 1 Progress 98%(Testing)