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  1. *sigh* imgur isnt working for me any other image upload site i can try ?

  2. phew much better oc i made the the last time.

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    2. Control Stick

      Control Stick

      lol you didnt need to do that xD now i just need someone to make the cutie mark in photoshop to make it look better is there a request area ?

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Hmm, Drawfriends and crafters could be a good place to look, that's where most artists dwell around here

    4. Control Stick

      Control Stick

      hmmm ok ill take a look ^^

  3. i almost thought about getting a new macbook pro...but then it was just an expensive fashion accessory with a gimmick.

    1. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      Don't buy Apple. Simple as that.

    2. Control Stick

      Control Stick

      im just fine with my old apple 2010 even though long ago i switched to pc and made my first custom pc a few months ago  planning on getting a xbox one s this christmas...or a 4k hdr tv.

  4. Control Stick

    Call of duty Modern Warfare REMASTERED

    Havent seen a topic of this yet so might as well make one, apparently you can kinda get online at the moment on and off im kinda average on the game so far since i was late for the party when i got the original and never played it online becouse of the hacked servers, But now for the Remastered version makes it up for that and i adore it ! it plays and looks so good ! i might play it till when a MW2 remaster comes out. So my question is are you guys planning on playing it for those who got the legacy edition?
  5. Control Stick

    Which PS4 Do You Have/Are Getting?

    im sticking with the original ps4 i dont see a point getting the same one when you dont have a hdr tv or 4k tv i can deal with the loud fan noise, i do ware headphones while gaming anyways and hardly ever hear it plus it looks much better then the slim lol.
  6. Control Stick

    What is your favorite Animated Christmas Special?

    Charlie Brown Christmas !! And frosty the snowman ! and well not sure if this counts but,,,,,south parks mr.hanky tales (forgot the name of the episode ware the whole episode was christmas songs) and Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
  7. Sorry for not being much active on here since i joined the other day still getting use to the settings and ware everything is at also i love the halloween banner and the oc with socks ? i approve!

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    2. Control Stick

      Control Stick

      awsome ! ^^ also whose oc is that ? or is it just a forum oc? (the banner)

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      On the banner we have Spotlight Splash, the EQD mascot

    4. Control Stick
  8. Control Stick

    Hello Everypony!

    Hello everypony its chrystal firestar im just a average guy who likes to watch the show and play games mostly on my ps4 since i sold my xbox becouse i hardly ever messed with that thing i might consider getting the one s this Christmas but anyways i was about to sign up on mlp forums but this one seems more organized and much cleaner i am much like twilight being organized probably becouse of my ocd lol also am i supposed to get a confirmation email soon or something ? : /