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  1. Another quiet night...too quiet! If anyone is up for some chat, hit me up in PM~

  2. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    Yer welcome)
  3. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    A bit of a request I had. Hope it came out right)
  4. Ebon Scar

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

  5. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    Fluttershy: It's a wonderful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming... Discord: ...And SOMEONE had a bad time trying to put ME on the scene. Add some creativity to it next time.
  6. Ebon Scar

    You Can only talk with pictures

  7. Ohey, it's my B-day today. Man out of time, didn't see it coming. ^ ^" 24 years lived, what an accomplishment~ Feeling like an old man now) X)

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    2. Ebon Scar
    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Happy birthday Ebon Scar, congrats on yet another successful solar revolution :partycannon:

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      Ebon Scar

      Oh yeah, grand success) ^ ^ Thankyou~

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  8. Feeling sorta bored this evening. If anyone are up for chat, hit me up on Steam or even PMs here on site~


    1. Sylveon


      Sure, id love to

  9. Touhou. Lots of Touhou. Touhou music, Touhou animations, Touhou games, Touhou scribbles in my school workbooks, Touhou lore, Touhou fangames...Then for whatever reason some colorful ponies started appearing all over the place and people either loved them or hated them to no end. Decided to have nothing to do with 'em. Then the guy Akr I am subbed to made a "review" of the first two episodes to give his opinion on the show. I liked the premise, so took a breath and hopped in. It was so much like Touhou I immideately became a fan~
  10. Discovered "Underpants" Undertale animation. My face hurts. 10\10


  11. Ebon Scar


    You know what Hype is? A kindling you put below something you want to cook into a tasty meal. You put enough and the thing will be yummy-yummy project. You put too much, you gonna burn your project to a crisp. You put as much as Star Citizen did and you gonna burn a friggin forest and maybe some towns next to it. If this project will be all tasty and yummy with this much, I'll eat my cheesburger. I'm gonna eat it anyways though. But I won't hold my breath. Not literally, I'll choke otherwise. Erk, nevermind.
  12. Just found out how to do status updates. And even that's because I was updating Steam link. Mighty inobvious imo~

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    Aaron's bad influence~
  14. Ebon Scar

    The music sharers!

    Here is an orchestra medley for your enjoyment~
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    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "I better look awesome on this photo, Twilight. Or else!"
  16. Ebon Scar

    To settle a dispute

    Why do people like her so much? I really wanna know. ^ ^" Also, I love polls~
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    Private Message?

    I was thinking of writing PMs to folks, but then I remembered how annoyed everyone were on the last forum when they got PMs from "strangers". So yeah, if YOU wanna talk to me, just go to my profile and hit the envelope) Steam chat is still better imo~
  18. Ebon Scar

    Incoming !

    Ohmergewd, every time I see someone draw these amazing pictures I look at mine and think "Yeah, years of work ahead". And welcome of course~
  19. Ebon Scar

    We were born to make history

    Wow, what an introduction. And already so active on the forum~ I tend to comission a lot of folks on Deviantart. My own drawing abilities are...not on the desired level. >->" Yet at least~