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    RED Team's Usual Day

    With ya on that.
  2. Ebon Scar


    Nothing beats good ol' Normandy~
  3. Ebon Scar


    Isn't this game stuck in development Limbo?
  4. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    How come I get this request right after reading that topic. ^ ^" I'll see what I can do, probably gonna take me whole A3 and some time.
  5. Ebon Scar

    Bread Land

    Well...sure as hell not what I expected the first time I was watching it~ XD
  6. Ebon Scar

    Bread Land

    You want disturbing? Have at it~
  7. Ebon Scar

    The music sharers!

    Some more sweet tunes. Official tracks and some unofficial remixes. Texhnically they are all remixes, but it's a nice mix, good for running in the background~ Underfell Boss Themes
  8. Ebon Scar

    What would your pony animations be like?

    I would most likely make something revolving around epic battles with smooth and awesome animations. Like in animes. Watching drawn masters of battle spar is a quality entertainment) ^ ^
  9. Ebon Scar

    So does any pony play that iOS FiM game?

    Puzzle Game is very good and even has voice acting. The town building one is boring and unfair. Parasprites are a menace and there is no way you can get rid of them quicker than they come without donate. And MLP Quest is while sorta fun, is also a one-time play. Fandom makes way better games than officials.
  10. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    Glad you liked it. ^ ^
  11. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    Alright, so, since it was all about Azaleas, I could only assume same goes for the cutiemark~
  12. Ebon Scar

    Anime? Anyone?

    I watched A LOT of animes. Then my world crumbled and I can't bring myself to watching something as amazing as anime series...Ohh, well, excluding Detective Conan. Aaaand future One Punch Man season 2~
  13. When you really CARE about something, logic often leaves through the window~
  14. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    Well, so long I don't have to draw Spider Lilies, I think I can manage) Will get to it in the morning (or whenever I mange to get up, it's most likely gonna be morning~)) ^ ^
  15. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    Another happy customer) ^ ^
  16. Ebon Scar

    Sona-Sundays(Free OC/Sona Drawings)

    ohmergosh she's cute wow
  17. Ebon Scar

    Caption This!

    (Is that a Donald Trump pony? I really don't want to blow an opportunity if it's not~) ^ ^"
  18. Ebon Scar

    Wat Do?!

    Pretty much the same thing people do now, replace them with opposing supporters~ MLP aired its last episode. No more will be EVER. Wat do?
  19. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    One hoof for ya~
  20. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    Pickle. Barrel. Kumquat. Order up~
  21. Ebon Scar

    Caption This!

    Wild Alolan Nassy Dash appears! Prepare to "Brrrb"!
  22. Ebon Scar

    The music sharers!

    Hey guys, want me to keep dropping music from time to time, or this topic is not being visited at all? ^ ^"
  23. Ebon Scar

    To settle a dispute

    Gabby, because omygosh she is so nice.
  24. Ebon Scar

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    I got wings, you know~ *flies back up*