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  1. Moved back to my appartment! It is a post-renovation mess, cleaning it bit-by-bit. Didn't have any opportunity to unpack my artsie things. Sooo...yeah, gonna get to it soon. Ask Quiet Note will be back, be sure to drop an ask there~

  2. Open for night chat! PM me if you're bored or something~

  3. Another quiet night...too quiet! If anyone is up for some chat, hit me up in PM~

  4. Ohey, it's my B-day today. Man out of time, didn't see it coming. ^ ^" 24 years lived, what an accomplishment~ Feeling like an old man now) X)

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    2. Ebon Scar
    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Happy birthday Ebon Scar, congrats on yet another successful solar revolution :partycannon:

    4. Ebon Scar

      Ebon Scar

      Oh yeah, grand success) ^ ^ Thankyou~

  5. Feeling sorta bored this evening. If anyone are up for chat, hit me up on Steam or even PMs here on site~


    1. Sylveon


      Sure, id love to

  6. Discovered "Underpants" Undertale animation. My face hurts. 10\10


  7. Just found out how to do status updates. And even that's because I was updating Steam link. Mighty inobvious imo~