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  1. It was only a matter of time before TV commercials appeared for it. I think I'll make my decision on if I'm going to watch the movie or not after S7 ends and I think long and hard about if I'm going to stay with this show and fandom or not.
  2. Hello and Welcome to this forum. Please do enjoy your time on here. Hopefully your able to keep up with the show as well, as S7 is once again on-going. Just remember... I'm the controversial one.
  3. disney

    Lion Guard S2E7. Not much to say about this one. Not that I didn't like it. Because I did. You know... It's starting to get to the point... where every time Beshte starts rapping... It reminds me of TWEWY. Yet it shouldn't.
  4. Part 15: Never Ending Sleep So... when I did The World That Never Was Dive as Sora... I somehow A ranked it and got a free Meteor. Not that this will help all that much. Sora wasn't able to do much. Because he got confronted by Xigbar who practically informed Sora of what was really going on and that Sora was a target. For what though? It's not really said yet. We get a lot of weird first person cutscenes as Sora reliving a lot of the stuff that has happened as the Unknown Guy, who's apparently a form of Xehanort, reveals the meticulously well thought out convoluted plan involving time travel. BECAUSE THIS SERIES WASN'T COMPLICATED ENOUGH ALREADY WITHOUT THE INCLUSION OF TIME TRAVEL. That aside it gets to the point where Sora is forced to drop and we're forced to play as Riku for a while. Riku: Unbelievably, there's not much to really say. Not much happened. Riku wasn't sure why he hadn't returned either so he decides to investigate. The rest was basically regular exploration. Exploring, fighting new and old Nightmare Dream Eaters, gathering treasure chests, and so on. No major happenings. Not yet anyway. The battle theme for this world is quite good. Unbelievably, I didn't struggle as badly as I expected to with the fights in this world. Not that it still wasn't annoying or intense at times. But I didn't really get any Game Overs. I'm practically almost to the end of the area as Riku. But ran out of time. Back with Sora... we get weirder first person relived cutscenes and even see Namine... WHO THEN TURNS INTO XION. Okay this is getting WAY to complicated. Even for me. Eventually it becomes apparent that Sora seems to be in an ever-lasting, never waking up dream. Which seems to be the point. It's still not flat out told why though. At this point, I seriously need to get at least a few of the necessary commands. Dark Aura and Firaga Burst are the ones I will be shooting for. At minimum, I think Firaga Burst is VITAL. So, I can abuse Doubleflight and that command to make the endgame Riku bosses less ridiculous. They will still be ridiculous, obviously, but just less ridiculous. Once I get to the areas before the final bosses I may begin a grinding session with an unknown end. Until I get what I feel is necessary to make the endgame as less ridiculous as possible. Again, it will still be ridiculous, I'm just trying to make it less ridiculous. So yeah. I'll be trying to do that and then grinding afterwards. Will any of this really help me get my FINAL REVENGE though? AGAIN. I DOUBT IT. Next time: Endgame world as Sora. The rest of endgame world as Riku. I HATE GRINDING BUT CLEARLY THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE. So yeah... grind fest begins.
  5. Same old... same old really. *insert random description of viewer discretion warning here*
  6. If you mean something with blood and immense violence... I'm... honestly not sure. I think I would rather have a 'Guardians of Harmony' spin off that is more like the Avatar series.
  7. No of course not.
  8. I'd like to know more about this character honestly. Seeing the Legends of Magic characters in animated format is so much better than the comic format IMO.
  9. NFL: New England Patriots, other teams as well NBA: Don't watch it MLB: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, though I don't have a preference for or against any of the other teams NHL: Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, other teams as well College: I only really like college football and basketball and I don't really follow any particular team. I mostly don't watch the regular seasons though. Though I try to keep up with them. I mostly start watching once it hits playoff season. Because that's when it's the most exciting and when it matters the most.
  10. Happy Birthday.
  11. Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you'll enjoy your time here. I also hope your able to keep up with the show, as S7 is once again on-going. Just keep in mind... I'm the controversial one.
  12. Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I also hope you can keep up with the show as well, because S7 is once again on-going. Fair warning however... I'm the controversial one.
  13. Welp... I'm to 2.8 HD DDD ENDGAME already. Which I'm not ready for. AT ALL. WONDERFUL. JUST WONDERFUL. :twitwitch:

  14. Sorry for the delay. Believe it or not, there are times when I get busy and don't have the necessary time to play this. Trust me, I don't like it either. Moving along... Part 14: Face the Music So I was right. The rest of the worlds for both Sora and Riku was basically exploration, finding said 'Sound Idea' for both characters, and then the boss fight. So that's practically what I did as both characters. Now that you know this. The character stuff will just be descriptions of how I did for said bosses for the most part. Riku: Mr. Unknown reappears to taunt Riku for his mistakes causing trouble for others but he admits to them. GEE. ALMOST SEEMS LIKE RIKU ACTUALLY LEARNED FROM THEM WHICH IS UNLIKE A CERTAIN OTHER CHARACTER THAT WILL REMAIN NAMELESS. *coughstarlightcough* Anyway he threatens Riku will 'fall into the abyss' and... IT'S CHERNABOG AGAIN. WONDERFUL. As for the boss theme. It's the same as it was in KH1. Which I'm not a huge fan of. But here it is anyway. Meh. The thing about this fight... is that it's A HELL OF A LOT EASIER then it is in KH1. It's practically like the Boss Fights that sometimes occur during the Dives for the characters. Other than that... there's really not much for me to say about this fight. It wasn't overly difficult. Honestly... I have no idea why I struggled with this when I first played this on the 3DS. I really don't. Well... I guess it doesn't matter now. Victory achieved. The Sound Idea is returned with a second one, obviously obtained by Sora, and Mickey recovers from his catatonic state. That's pretty much the end of this world. Sora: Not much else to do here either. The Sound Idea is retrieved to more taunting from Mr. Unknown again. Claiming it's 'almost over.' SURE IT IS. The Sound Idea is returned but nothing happens. So we're off to take down the Spellican once and for all. WELP. HERE WE GO. REVENGE PART 2. The only bad thing is that there's no boss theme. It's just the LOUD background music for the world. That's... disappointing. So... the worst part about this fight... was the beginning. I couldn't dodge the annoying attacks. I almost died. Not even joking. Somehow, though, I didn't and got the first hit in before that happened and quickly healed when the actual fight began. As for this fight... SONIC. BLADE. THAT IS ALL. Well... that, Triple Plasma, Ice Barrage, and 2 Ballonras. Plus Curaga of course. That's practically what I used. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not saying it was easy. It wasn't. It was quite harsh. I had to heal a good chunk of times. I tried using a Dual Link but it didn't really do me much good. But it didn't really matter. Despite it being harsh.... REVENGE COMPLETE. YOU SPELLICAN. With that done, the same thing basically happens in Sora's world as in Riku's world and the world is complete. With Axel/Lea apparently undergoing some 'trials' of his own... Mickey is left to attempt to find Sora and Riku to stop Xehanort's meticulously well thought out plot. But can he really find him? OH I WOULDN'T WORRY ABOUT THAT CONSIDERING WHAT THE FINAL WORLD IS. So... yeah... that's all I did. ENDGAME IS HERE. AND I'M NOT READY FOR IT. AT ALL. Why? Because I DON'T have the following: Spirits: Majik Lapin, Ryu Dragon, Lord Kyroo, Keeba Tiger, Aura Lion Commands: Meteor Crash, Meteor, Faith, Salvation, Balloonga, Dark Firaga, Dark Aura, Firaga Burst, Mega Flare Abilities: Once More Am I screwed? YOU BET I AM. Next time: HOW MANY ATTEMPTS WILL THE END GAME WORLD TAKE ME? HOW MANY ATTEMPTS WILL THE FINAL BOSSES TAKE ME? I'M OFFICIALLY TAKING GUESSES. Here's mine: 10+ THIS GAME. SERIOUSLY.
  15. Actually I have defended it. You all just refuse to accept my reasoning. But whatever.