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  1. Part 27: Daemon Laboratory & the Truth About Prompto Some major revelations coming up. But first... as I continued... a poisonous gas filled the area. WONDERFUL. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. THANKS ARDYN. But Noctis is able to trudge through it and get rid of the poison. However... he gets annoyed... by a Daemon called Foras. Who freaking talks. YEP. I'M SURE THAT'S TOTALLY NORMAL. With no weapons the only choice was to avoid attacks until the elevator came. On the next level... the power goes out. ARDYN. I'M SICK OF YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMN 'GAMES.' When power is restored... the freaking Foras shows up again along with some more of the Magitek Axeman. Once again fleeing is the only option. On the next level... Ardyn 'shares' with us the fact that the area we are at now is where Daemons were pretty much made. From beasts and men alike. Oh... great... so that means... URGH. I. HATE. YOU. ARDYN. He keeps teasing something about Prompto as well. Foreshadowing I guess. When we make our way to another area... we're trap by two electrified walls that close in on us. OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. It looked like the end of Noctis was only moments away. Until... GLADIO AND IGNIS TO THE RESCUE. They're able to stop the walls and the group is somewhat back together. Except one obviously. That one being Prompto. Who we eventually find in a prison cell and immediately rescue him. He asks if we were worried about him. YES. WE WERE. ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS. YOUR BEST PROMPTO. Now all that's left... is to get our weapons back. We come across a locked door... that Prompto is somehow able to open... with his wrist. So... it turns out... Prompto was born in the Daemon lab and was a MT. But you know what? The group reaction here was pretty much my reaction. WHO CARES. YOUR PROMPTO AND YOUR BEST. YOUR PART OF THE GROUP AND YOUR STUCK WITH THEM. NO ONE CARES WHERE OR HOW YOU WERE BORN. BECAUSE YOUR FREAKING PROMPTO. With that said, the device is turned off and weapons are returned. Just in the nick of time as the giant enemy from before returns. But with our weapons back, it pretty much falls quickly and easily. Enemies roam the area now but with the group reunited and powers re-obtained with new OP powers, they really pose little problems. Eventually the Foras makes it's reappearance and... apparently... one of the group (can't remember which one) reveals it to be the Emperor. Well... that's... nice I guess? For me that's fine. More reason to KILL IT'S ASS. Plus... karma working it's magic yet again. So I do just that. I kill it's ass. A major boss is coming up and I'm not sure if it'll let me do this at any future point. So... back to Lucis we go. To do the final sidequests. First up... Crestholm Channels. I'm still not sure I'm ready for Costlemark Tower but I may try it anyway because I just legitimately don't know if I'll be able to go back to the past to do quests past Chapter 13. So there's pretty much little choice here. Still though. For now it's just Crestholm Channels. Next time: Crestholm Channels. Will I survive? What about Costlemark Tower? Will I survive that? Is it really the hardest dungeon in the game. Provided that's how the Official Strategy guide describes it I certainly shouldn't doubt it. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Oh goodie.
  2. Believe it or not... I never had one. Because I knew they weren't real and it'd be weird for me to have one.
  3. It's about damn time. These early/leaked episodes were ridiculous anyway.
  4. When I started playing FFXV... I didn't know I was signing up to play a horror game. :wtf:


  5. Here we go everyone... Part 26: Dreaded Chapter 13... Ring of Lucii, Two Routes?! 100 Hours Logged We talk with the person from the Fleuret family. Who asks if the Ring was delivered 'successfully' to us. It depends on your definition of 'successfully' but yes it was. The woman states that this will please Ravus too. WAIT WHAT?! So... it turns out... that Ravus may have been a double agent. As a cutscene seemed to show that he actually did care about his sister (Luna). Well... now I just feel bad. Ravus seems to be waiting to give Noctis' father's sword to him, but finding him will be difficult. Noctis assures the woman he'll find him. Somehow. Before we can get on the train we're stopped by a random girl who tries to cheer Noctis up by saying that Luna really loved him. We... kind already knew this but thanks? I guess? We then finally board the train and meander around collecting items until... the train stops. Yeah... not surprising. Seriously. The cold seemed to practically freeze it. THANKS SHIVA. We end up having to fight lots of Daemons again. Despite the struggle we come out victorious and reboard the train to check something out. Only to see... GOD DAMMIT I'M TIRED OF THIS ASSHOLE. (Yes it's Ardyn again) Somehow, a strong snow storm rages in the train as Noctis struggles to make it to Ardyn and his downed friends. As Ardyn seems to be immune to this. BUT HOW?! Things seem bad... but then... GENTIANA?! SERIOUSLY?! SHE FREAKING FREEZES ARDYN. FINALLY. So... yeah... Gentiana was Shiva the whole time. We get another Royal Arm and Shiva's blessing. Then... Noctis smashes the Ardyn ice sculpture. REVENGE FEELS SO GOOD. Gladio and Ignis recover. However... Ardyn shows up AGAIN. Claiming we hurt his feelings with our attack and reveals he's immortal. OH GREAT. SO HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET RID OF THIS GUY FOR GOOD?! Then... he does... something. That seems to take away all the weapons of Noctis, Gladio, and Ignis. Just in time for Chapter 13 to truly start and to be assaulted by Daemons. GEE THANKS FOR THAT. So no choice but to make a run for the Regalia here. We drive out of the train and attempt to maneuver around getting shot at by Imperial Airships. I thought I would struggle at this and I didn't. Until the end when I got the car stuck. Somehow I got it free though and made it before the gates closed on us. The car can't go any farther now. NO. NOT THE CAR TOO. ARDYN I SWEAR. ALL OF MY WEAPONS. DOWN YOUR THROAT. Then... the game threw a curve ball at me. Two different routes. A Noctis one and a Gladio and Ignis one. I tried to ask on the GameFAQs FFXV board how to do both but apparently you can't. That's... actually unfortunately. I really want to do both. Noctis it is then. With no weapons... Noctis has little choice. He finally puts on the Ring of Lucii. What happens when he does? HE BECOMES OP. PERFECTION. You get three attacks. Death, Holy and Alterna. Death is exactly what it says. A magic attack that eventually instantly kills an enemy. Holy is basically a defensive move that damages enemies when you guard. Alterna is basically a group death spell. So... I'm confused. What part of this is so 'dreaded?' I mean sure... it gets a little ridiculous when you come across some zombie-like Magitek Troopers but the resolution for me there was basically Alterna. I just wasn't good enough to go from hiding spot to hiding spot. I really didn't struggle all that much. The really 'worse' part... is that FREAKING ARDYN IS ON THE SPEAKERS TAUNTING AND COMMENTING THE ENTIRE TIME. SERIOUSLY ARDYN. GO. TO. HELL. Eventually I maneuver around a GIANT enemy, cause there's no way in HELL I'm going to try fighting something like that with no weapons, to get a key to activate an elevator. BTW... the battle theme during this is actually pretty dramatic and good. There's just... one other thing. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY GAME?! THERE WERE LEGITIMATE JUMPSCARES FROM MAGITEK TROOPERS ON THE GROUND THAT SEEMED DEAD. WHEN THE HELL DID I START PLAYING A HORROR GAME?! Some of the jumpscares actually got me pretty good. NO. WHY. I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR A HORROR GAME. We think we see Prompto too and chase after him. However... it turns out to be a trick as well. I don't even know what to say anymore at this point. However... the large enemy forces Noctis to a lower level. Where we find... a seemingly dead Ravus. .................................. I. SWEAR. TO. GOD. ARDYN. ALL. OF. MY. RAGE. But... we get Noctis' dad's sword. So now we have the ring and the Sword of the Father. EVEN MORE OP NOCTIS GOODNESS. I make it to another safe room and stop there for now. GOOD GOD. THIS GAME. I SWEAR. BTW... if you couldn't tell from the title. I have officially logged 100 hours in this game. Wow. I don't even remember the last time I logged 100 hours in game. It's even possible I've NEVER logged 100 hours in a game. Until now that is. Next time: Is there more horror? How is this chapter 'dreaded'? Why can't I do both routes? I'm only in the midst of it though. It may begin to become ridiculous. But I'm still loving the hell out of this game. Despite the horror-I-didn't-sign-up-for.
  6. NO. *locks and loads* *SUPERMAN PUNCHES @WonkyStallion
  7. You're clearly blind. Some have been good yes but some not so much with continued expectations to like HORRID NOT REDEEMED characters.
  8. Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you are able to enjoy your time on here. Try to keep up with the show as well if you can. Because S7 is ongoing. One thing to just keep in mind though. I'm the controversial one.
  9. Hello and Welcome to this forum. Please do enjoy your time on here. Try to keep up with the show as well if you can as S7 is now ongoing. But just so you know... I'm the controversial one.
  10. Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Keep up with the show too if you can as S7 is now ongoing. The only thing you need to know... is that I'm the controversial one.
  11. colgate

    Yet another background character that I like.
  12. Another favorite background character of mine.
  13. I'll be waiting for the U.S. airing.
  14. I don't live in Canada so it's ridiculous as far as I'm concerned.