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    Anime? Anyone?

    I didn't see a topic like this but it's possible there is one and I didn't look hard enough. If so, I do apologize for creating a duplicate topic/thread. Anyone else a fan of anime/manga? I tend to watch english dubs because that's the language I speak and is what I'm used to at this point. I'm a fan of Bleach, Naruto Shippuden and the Naruto series in the general, One Piece, and a whole bunch of other stuff that would take too long to list. Currently I'm just watching the stuff on Toonami except for JoJo and Gundam. I'm also in the midst of rewatching the InuYasha series as well as the .hack series. I'm on .hack//ROOTS. I'm just wondering if anyone else here likes anime I guess.
  2. There's no 'blog' thing on this forum like there is on a few other MLP: FiM forums that I've been a part of/am a part of. So I'll just do this instead. Because everyone just loves the controversial and/or polarizing stuff I post. (not). But I could care less honestly. So if you don't like stuff like that, or even the stuff I'll say in the thread, then I only have a few bits of advice for you. 1. STAY OUT. 2. Don't respond to it and just ignore it. Bashing me for what I say or what my opinion helps NOTHING and only creates confrontations that no one likes. Bashing the way I present/post it as well also does NOTHING. All in all I'm just asking you respect my opinion and if you don't like it, that's fine. Just ignore it and move on with your life instead of the NUMEROUS amounts of people I've run into on other MLP: FiM forums believe it or not who can't seem to do that and confront me on them instead of doing this. Okay with this out of the way... onto the first post. This one likely is controversial and/or polarizing. So yeah... if you don't like that... you already know what you should do. I've decided on my video game 'challenge' for Equestria Girls 4 a.k.a. Legend of Everfree or whatever the hell it's called (I honestly don't care what it's called). If you don't already know, I've completed 3 other video games 'challenges' that pretty much mean I don't have to watch those respective Equestria Girls movies EVER. So don't even try. I'll just present the completed challenge for the respective movie you try to foolishly get me to watch. So... what is it? Well... a few of them have been somewhat complex. But this one isn't. Which is a nice change of pace. Either way... here's a few hints: BEST. GAME. EVER. 10 years of waiting FINALLY pays off. Still don't know? Okay. I'll make it more obvious. Yep. AT LONG LAST. It's fairly simple to. All I have to do... Is beat Final Fantasy XV. That's all. If I beat an optional boss, that's just a bonus. But the challenge is just for me to beat it. *spreads arms wide open as I laugh maniacally*
  4. Not going to repeat what I just posted.

    But I'm done. I can't take common senseless idiots that praise a DUMPSTER FIRE.

    I would suggest not trying to contact me. Because it won't end well for you or your health. Consider this my ONLY warning.

    I'm off to enjoy Danganronpa 1-2 Reload, Persona 5 (eventually) and The Lion Guard.

    Because I refuse to associate myself with people who don't have any common sense in any way whatsoever.

    I've joined you @Swifty as I promised. Your not alone now. Together... we'll show how large of a DUMPSTER FIRE this so called 'show' really is.


  5. Believe it or not... there's sound logic in everything I do. It may not seem that way... but it's the truth. It's actually very simple. Even you common senseless fools choosing to praise a dumpster fire can understand it. I was trying to see if 'time' made me feel any different. As in... if... after a certain amount of time... if I felt any differently now then I did previously. The results... weren't shocking. In the least. Which are. LOLNOPE. So that means I'm done. Fully done. Because I can't take you common senseless idiots praising a Dumpster Fire. Plus... the fandom is toxic as hell now. So... to summarize... Anyone who watches My Little Pony: Friendship is magic has absolutely no common sense in any way whatsoever. Luckily... I do have common sense. Apparently the only one with any. Yep. Not surprising at all. There's no Farewell area so consider this that. I'm not making another thread in the Introduction area. It would just cause a celebration. Which I'm sure you want but create it yourself. I won't be creating it. Besides... you don't deserve a Farewell. There is one thing I forgot to do though. So I'll be doing that now. I never declared a verdict in my trial. So... let's do that shall we? MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. I FIND YOU... With that time for some final words. @WaterPulse Good luck. You'll need it. Quit while you have the chance. I was going to PM you but I don't intend on ever coming back here so I wouldn't have responded. This method is good enough. Seriously. Just quit. @Toki Zensekai I won. Your just a sore ass loser @Fr├ęcinette I always felt that you had a bias against me. Pretty sure that's accurate. Luckily you don't have to worry anymore. Because I quit. @8492nd *locks and loads* SUPERMAN PUNCHES @8492nd That's all. Regardless all of you have absolutely no common sense in any way whatsoever. Also, though this should be obvious, I won't be watching the movie. AT ALL. In fact... I'll be avoiding it like the plague. BECAUSE DUMPSTER FIRE. I'll be joining @Swifty now. See? I told you @Swifty Your not alone now. Don't try to contact me. Just don't. I can't guarantee your health if you choose to ignore this warning. FINAL STATUS: 0% Stay 100% LEAVE P.S.: You don't deserve a thought/experience thread on Persona 5 either. I'll just play it myself and enjoy it myself. That's how video games were meant to be played anyway. YOU NEVER SAW IT COMING.
  6. LostSanity

    Is the future of MLP truly bleak and dark?

    Of course it is. As I've already explained... it's a Dumpster Fire now.
  7. Actually that's a good question. Not sure actually.
  8. I've already explained why. I'm not doing it again. Instead of expecting me to hold everyone's hand, go search for it yourself.
  9. LostSanity


    Hello and Welcome to this forum. I do hope you will enjoy your stay on here. I'm the controversial one. I'm unsure why you choose to be around a Dumpster Fire but that's your choice I guess.
  10. LostSanity


    Hello and Welcome to this forum. Hopefully you'll enjoy your time on here. I'm the controversial one.
  11. No it wasn't. All it did was prove the talentless hack writers are hypocrites.
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    Disney Thread

    I legitimately kept forgetting to post this. Whoops. Lion Guard S2E12. Christmas Special. Relatively decent I'd say. The "12 Ways of Christmas" song was hilarious chaos. It was great.
  13. I completed Chapter 2 in pretty much one sitting. This is all I have to say about it: I've been playing this game for awhile now... and... well... It's not that it's a bad game. Because it's not. It's pretty fun and I'd have to say I do like it. My major problem with it... Is that likeable characters keep getting killed. Which is legitimately beginning to get on my nerves.
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    Recent MLP Leaks - SPOILERS!

    I haven't seen any of it and I don't think I care enough to want to ask for it. I don't think I'll even be watching S8. Because... you know... Dumpster Fire.
  15. NO!! YOUR WRONG!! It's because it was a half-assed, half-thought out HORRID so-called 'redemption'
  16. Well... I'm to Chapter 2 in Danganronpa now. I got through the first trial. First of all... pretty much ALL the themes that play during the trials are AMAZING. I'd say this one is probably my favorite though... *raves* As for what happened... well... MUST. SUPERMAN. PUNCH. Regardless... because of what happened... I take back my previous post and I'd say my new favorite (other than Makoto obviously) is probably Kyoko. She's the only one remaining calm in all this and she defended Makoto when everyone thought he did it in the first trial. IF I CHOSE THE WRONG CHARACTER FOR MY FAVORITE AGAIN... I SWEAR...
  17. LostSanity

    How would you rate your 2017?

    Probably... average. Borderline average. Had too many health issues AGAIN but hopefully they are FINALLY over. Final Fantasy XV pretty much made up for all the health issues I had.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and Welcome to this forum. Please do enjoy your time on here. I'm the controversial one.
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    worst video games ever!

    Let's not make assumptions though. What happened in Dream Drop Distance doesn't necessarily mean KH3 will be bad. We haven't really seen any 'story' trailers yet so we really can't make any determinations. In the end, we'll just have to wait for the game to come out and make our own decisions once it is played.
  20. LostSanity

    How much do you apreciate MLP ?

    I don't. It's a Dumpster Fire now.
  21. Don't worry @Swifty... I'll probably be joining you soon.
  22. I have no idea what your talking about. Sayaka has done nothing in regards to what you are talking about. Everyone has a right to have their own opinions. You do. As do I. Yes. That's one I was talking about.
  23. Reviews. Because you can't believe or trust them. You just have to watch it yourself and make up your own mind.
  24. LostSanity


    Hello and Welcome to this forum. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your stay on here. I'm the controversial one.