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  1. LastChance

    Hello I am new to the forums

    I guess I'm good at hiding under rocks that it'd make Maud Pie proud.
  2. LastChance

    Hello I am new to the forums

    Good to know o.o and thank you
  3. LastChance

    So does any pony play that iOS FiM game?

    Well alright then, I saw puzzle party. Reminds me of bejeweled and that's unfortunate about the other game but haven't had parasprite problems yet
  4. LastChance

    Hello I am new to the forums

    Thank you all, feel free of course to ask me any questions. (Within reason of course )
  5. I've picked up an iPod touch and I wanted to try the game, it seem right when I have a busy schedule and I can drop in, tap a few things and carry on my day. Also I'm incredibly patient so I don't really spend to get anywhere fast, however adding friends may able to help me. I can share my code from there if others are interested.
  6. Though I've considered a fan of the series or a brony if you will since the second season, I'm currently at season six with "Applejack's day off" so I'm kinda behind but I have been to gatherings and I've yet gone to a bronycon but some day. Of course I'm a gamer and like many things from Doctor Who to Star Wars and well I think that's the basic info about me.So hope this forum is a good place to mingle and hang with new friends.