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  1. MaybeTomorrow

    We were born to make history

    Ahahaha I know my artist name is irony :') That's why it's so funny to have and easy to remember. yo
  2. MaybeTomorrow

    We were born to make history

    thank you! thanks OH A GREENLANDER BRONY? AWESOME! never thought on those existed xD sorry xD lololololol - did ya get the referece? xD also lol that joke.
  3. MaybeTomorrow

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    and now we can see how different we see a single cutie mark xD
  4. MaybeTomorrow

    Answer The Question Above You

    very much
  5. MaybeTomorrow

    Answer The Question Above You

    Rugbrød with leverpostej xD As danish as it can be xD I'll ask a rather tuff one: What song from your birth year, do you like most?
  6. MaybeTomorrow

    We were born to make history

    @Light Landstrider well thank you @Ebon Scar Well I think all art is great and seriously only practice does master For me it is more about that the artist enjoys what they do instead of not enjoying it ^^
  7. MaybeTomorrow

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    Uhhum. I have always seen her cutiemark as the star stand for big talent and the green wirl as a falling star. Like - She is below Twillight who has the star with stars around it - so Twillight gets pushed up to be a good and great powerful pony and Starlight got the drag down to but yet are very powerful, just don't have the same amount of help that Twillight always will have - To do it simple - Starlight is like a positive rival for Twillight. Honestly that is how I have seen it o-o'
  8. MaybeTomorrow

    Is Fluttershy...

    1: no 2: but many take it as headcanon 3: Despite Fluttershy being oldest pony (apparently 28 as far as I remember?) Would I believe they do the shipping with the many 6 after the generation is done ^^' 4: But I wish she was XD
  9. MaybeTomorrow

    Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi Fan Club

    I find her boring :/ As much as I can relate her nerded side is she a very boring character and her design somehow get me to think squary and boring?
  10. MaybeTomorrow

    We were born to make history

  11. MaybeTomorrow

    Anime? Anyone?

    1: You sound like one of those mainstream Otakus. They tend not be so popularly? 2: A lot of websites provides english sub and you would notice that the acting IS MUCH BETTER if you actually watched subbed. But of cause I can't change that opinion. 3: Now to myself, Yes I am an Otaku. But I'm the well different type who goes to my friends like: What anime shall I watch and I kinda watch every type of anime. I do not prefer animes with over 6 seasons though as this is more merchandise than actually story - believe me - I have seen an anime on 32 episodes telling a story like Naruto's just without the ending, and without ninja but in the mediaval instead. Honestly - they just didn't focus on the small things but took the basic story line about growing into a man and finding your place and rescue your land into the picture. I already think that Uta No Prince Sama is a pain and it only had 4 seasons so far but they just deliver fanservice now instead of actually deliver a storyline that makes sense because of many many plot holes. I could sin that anime for the plotholes. ex. If Heavens had disappeared they would be gone from the market in many years and not only like maximum a year since a normal boyband produce one CD a year, but there have only gone like I think a year in the anime. Yes you got it, a year. On 4 seasons. They haven't even celebrated christmas twice. The winter first started again and that is season four...what means heavens have been gone for 6 months. Like that is any disappearance lol. Anyway, I'm an Otaku who prefer sub and mangas
  12. MaybeTomorrow

    Has tradtional pencil/paper animation become obsolete?

    Well, I think between the closest frame for frame drawn animations you can find today is the category we call Anime here in the western world. Japanese people do stick to tradition with the frame for frame drawn animations despite not being handdrawn like sailor moon was. Even though it is digital do they draw frame for frame and not piece for piece like we do here in the western world. We all know that MLP is a piece for piece animation and not frame for frame - sounds stupid but you can always change the pieces in the animation of MLP where in anime if you fuck up you just ruined whole the anime - so even though that traditional animation isn't long most used anymore does those handdrawn animations still exist and they are very popularly even. The animation is one of the important tools for which story you want to represent. Example - if "Hasbro" any day would come and tell me my fanfiction should be animated would I demand a longer and more expensive process for the higher quality there in the end would often create more viewers. I have hardly enjoyed there piece for piece animations :/ so poorly made. Of cause my love for the traditional drawn backgrounds in anime and the way anime works also influenced a lot of my opinion towards 2D animation. As a comic artist, freelancer and author I can't really give my full opinion on animation but I find the animations where you can see the company means serious business as a facinating fact. Hasbro just want to sell toys. More characters = more toys. Anyway, to just end this of. Many animes show serious business cases, Here between Yuri on Ice, Gangsta, partly Death parade (they used some 3d here and there) where the cheaper animes like Uta No Prince Sama and The Heroic legend of Arslan Senki has been really depending on 3D animation to make the budget cheaper and the animation easier. Uta no prince sama uses though high quality 80-90% of the time and Arslan Senki on maybe 50% of the time. (For arslan senki: Flags, souldiers, water and ships are 3D animation, really sucks, but the storyline is actually quite good and there is some scenes here and there, there is amazing!) Anyway, sure that traditional 2D animation still exist, but some of the last use of it there got slightly populary must have been... Balto? It used some traditional animation as far as I know. I think though they shifted between digital and traditional but don't bite me sure in it- But else we need to go all the way back to Disney's The Little Mermaid, there even had a "was stuck in process" where bobbles was stuck in china - They wanted cheap labor and that went them to be lated with was it 3 weeks or 3 months??? IDK. So basically the handdrawn animations still exist. lol.
  13. Don't stop us now, The moment of truth we were born to make history Hey guys, MaybeTomorrow here, but you can call me MT. I'm an artist from the little country of Denmark, and not alone do I make art, I also write. Yes I also write fanfiction and are actually working hard on one for the moment there will launch with "episode" 1 to january with monthly chapter updates It's a serie of 5 "seasons" with around 12-13 "episodes" each, I try to write it as good as i can and also make it go like - if it ever was animated that it could get a full lenght episode As an artist am I specialized in Ink Portraits, semi-realistic animals and cartoon, often driving me into the cute art corner - because I like cuteness... But I can also draw things in the other end Examples on art: See them in full size on my Deviantart I don't only draw ponies, I also draw other stuff Also to be found on my deviantart. I like to keep them small so they don't fill most of my introduction Anyway, I'm also elsewhere ex. Equestria Amino where I'm a part of the Inner Circle. A team making challenges and creative stuff. It is also the place where I'm most populary with over 1150+ followers I really don't want to answer basic questions because you can read about me here and also in an upcoming interview (Well it happened yesterday but aren't on youtube yet) I also sometimes make Speedpaints And out over making speedpaints Do I have UTAU and my singing (But the Youtube singing videos are old so pardon me...) Anyway, I guess that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed