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  1. Sangu

    Reporting in!

    Ye I know its hiatus now. S6 was first season I watched like all normal people, the same day it came out :S
  2. I used to write a lot in Harry Potter RPG forums, so my OC mostly came from here. It is long history between me and my OC (around 10 years already) I had one other before it, but he died long time ago. In HP forums it first started something as simple as character for me to write stories. I remember, my friends helped me to create it, because I wanted to write with them. First it wasnt anything interesting, very generic and simple. But years passed, I created more and more stories and my OC started to look more and more like me. Well at least Sangu`s (Sanguinary) personality, not so much his look. So personality wise my OC is something between that I am and that I wanna be. Now it evolved into pony OC... And it is unicorn because it came from HP. And colors well, simple because red, black and purple is my most favorite colors.
  3. Sangu

    OC Master List

    Name: Sangu Black Race: Unicorn Gender: Male Age: 31 Personality: Arrogant, humorous, sarcastic, risk taker, smart, but lazy. Very revengeful. He is very loyal to his sister and those few who he calls his friends. And he protects them without any hesitation. For anyone else he is quite cold and repulsive. Description (can be picture): Black coat, red-black striped mane, dark purple eyes, red hoofs. Magic aura - dark purple same as his eyes. Cutie mark - three dark red stars. He is little smaller then other ponies at his age. Special talent - magic, he is good at using spells, not so good at creating them. Backstory: He was born in Canterlot. At young age he showed strong magical abilities and as soon as he got cutie mark, he was accepted into "Celestia`s school for gifted unicorns". After he graduated from school, he stayed here and taught fillies, but quite soon he got bored from such job. At same time, he studied books at Canterlot castle`s library. He always was interested in magical artifacts, especially dark magic ones. From books, he learned about strong, mythical amulet known only by name: Quinzu amulet. He claimed, he will find it some day. Soon, he left Canterlot`s castle and now he travel all around Equestria, doing odd jobs for anyone who in need for strong magician and who could pay for it. He never stays in one place for to long. During adventures, while he seeks for more knowledge about secret artifact, he made some very close friends known only as "Brotherhood of blood". And he made far more enemies too. Sometimes he still come backs to Canterlot to help in Celestias school, there this younger sister (closest friend) works as teacher.
  4. Well... I made it. I finally registered here... So now I suppose I have to introduce myself. Hey again. My name is Linas from Vilnius, Lithuania and I am 28 years old. I am self claimed brony since beggining of 2015. Also I am big nerd. My pony history is quite short, I watched G1 ponies then I was kid, but I grew without them. In 2014? I saw few episodes of FiM, but soon forgot about them. Well not completely, last year I started to watch them again, this time from very begging. And now I am here. Besides pony I am huge fan of Harry Potter books. So naturally I been administrating Lithuanian HP sites and RPG forums since early 2003... My other hobbies are Sci-Fi, PC games and computers in general. If you have questions, feel free to ask. If not, I think I am running away to hide from this scary place.