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  1. hello friend how are you?

  2. Ender0001

    Anything goes

    It also ignited the illuminati fortress.
  3. Ender0001

    Anything goes

    *the USS Zumwalt fires a 1,600,000 dollar barrage at the cow*
  4. *Ender sees and comes over, listening to an unhearable tune*
  5. Ender0001

    Anything goes

    Anything as long as you don't godmod or anything like that.
  6. *Ender is just basically sitting in the corner, tinkering*
  7. *dusts off the console* Wow... Been a while... I'm back tho!

    1. SD13


      I can't say I've ever seen you 'round these parts before. But then again, I'm fairly new...

      Welcome back!!!

    2. Ough


      I've only seen your few posts in the beginning of the casual RP thread, but WB!

  8. Ender0001

    HEEELOO!!!! :)

    OK. Nothing exploded yet. Good.
  9. Ender0001

    Listen Up!

    *dragon welcome noises*
  10. Ender0001

    Undertale RP

    *Ender walks through an abandoned hall. Nothing except dust.* *Genocide. Chara is here. On your guard!
  11. Ender0001

    Is this animation racist?

  12. Ender0001

    Is this animation racist?

    Well, now it's a thing!
  13. Ender0001

    Is this animation racist?

    Yeah....... Isn't that an art style?
  14. Ender0001

    Is this animation racist?

    I don't follow?