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  1. Hello guy! my name is Parnkung , I'm Host Thailandponycon 2015 - 2016 , and now I'm director fan-made game "My Little Sweet Heart" . Fan made Dating pony game from Thailand , it' game will be release 2017 , (if we haven't any delay) I don't know U.S. or worldwide webbroad before , and just see EQD have webbroad too , so , i will post in first time for promote game for you guy , and i not good english , sorry about it. My Little Sweet Heart is about Human shipping Pony race (not pony x pony or Human x Human) we release first version before , it's Double diamond story , for female player (but male player can play too , because writer is male too) EQD post already and i think you guy already know that version. Link download > and it's real version we still develop , "Story of the mane 6" , and this version . a lots Brony want to play a lots (yeb , you can dating with your waifu pony) this story you can select one character from mane 6 , they're different story after you choice , one character is use 2 - 3 hour to play , that 's means , if you play all character , it's use 6 - 10 hour to play. we not design a lots ending scene , because after we release Double diamond , 90 % player want to see one Good ending , and our team have lots a work themseft , and i'm not Game Developer , not a artist , not a animator , not even a musician , that why i use my time to make this game too much , that why i make this game not a lots details to play , but we have 4 - 6 ending , up to you guy to play , just like Telltale games. if you interested , we release first demo already , if you guy want to ask my anything , recommend about this game , or if you want to help my project , feel free to ask me. Link download mane 6 DEMO > Clip from Bronycon 2016 (my friends from malaysia promote for me > and i want to make this game for your guy happy to play this , Thank you. Fanpage - website -