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  1. Derpy..Hooves

    What Item(s) You Wish to Have in Your Collection?

    I'd like a Guardians of Harmony Fluttershy.. really miffed that hasbro made her an exclusive and i am not going to waste $80 on ebay for one not worth it..
  2. Derpy..Hooves

    Guardians of Harmony figure impressions

    I still haven't seen the revision in any stores..and I am not sure about ordering blindly off of Hasbrotoyshop or amazon
  3. Derpy..Hooves

    Guardians of Harmony figure impressions

    cool i'll pick one up soon.. Hasbro sent me a coupon for $10 off after i reported the previous one which i used to buy shining armor since he was never discounted for some strange reason..
  4. Derpy..Hooves

    Guardians of Harmony figure impressions

    Personally I really like the figures way better than the base Funko was using which had chipmunk cheeks
  5. Derpy..Hooves

    Guardians of Harmony Figure Ideas!

    the background pony party pack with bonbon, Lyra, vinyl, Octavia, and Derpy!! I also wouldn't mind seeing a general pack fluttershy kinda lame of Hasbro to make a figure of a main character that very few people in the fandom can get