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  1. Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    Oh don't worry about that, that pie never made it to the dump. There's a reason that garbage pony was being evasive.
  2. 1. Yes, they had to figure out some way to keep the Princesses out of the story if there was going to *be* any story. I'm even on board with the Devil Ex Machina orbs. The evil empire needed an ace up their sleeve to pull the rug out from the goddess-level ponies, something to make them a real threat. But like, come on, after Cadance got turned into stone there should have been a pile of hot ashes where Tempest was standing and three pissed-off pony princesses with smoking horns. Considering how powerful Celestia and Luna are supposed to be, Tempest should have acted quicker and tried to get them all at once in a surprise attack, with Twilight alone getting saved by some fluke. Celestia shouldn't have been telling Luna to go get help, she should have been telling her to blast the evil crippled unicorn with a horn-beam. End problem. 2. Didn't any of the Remane 5 wonder why Twilight was just going to hang back in the empty throne room? She gave no reason why she was staying behind. And the rest of them just left her there! And, and Queen Nova changed her mind about giving these strangers her kingdom's most precious treasure and the foundation of their civilization because they sang a song? That wasn't even really about anything? And why was the assumption that the pearl could transform ponies into any form they wanted instead of specifically fish-horses, why was that just taken for granted? 3. Holy shit, the Storm King just straight-up died. No ambiguous blasting off into the horizon here, he fuckin' fell of a balcony and shattered into little pieces. Harsh. He seemed more immature and selfish than truly evil. He didn't even kill anyone. 4. It takes one line of exposition to explain why a character isn't in the movie. All they had to do was have somepony say, "Discord? He's on a month-long backpacking trip in Dimension Q, he said he really needed to 'find himself' ". And then it's not a plot hole. But they didn't do that, and so it's a plot hole. If I saw this movie as a kid, I would have loved it to pieces. I'm glad they made it. I really wish they had polished the story a little more so certain things made sense, and none of the adventure destinations got enough screen time to amount to anything, but the movie exists, for what it's worth. It looked really pretty. I bet the kids liked it. I liked the parts where I wasn't going "WTF, really?"
  3. Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    For somepony who prides herself on tailoring her parties to her friends' individual needs, Pinkie never seemed to realize that one of Equestria's top, professional athletes can't be eating pies for every silly little occasion. RD's got to stay aerodynamic.
  4. Pic Request Drawing Offers

    I've already drawn a bunch for you and anyone else who wants to look at them. They're free! And you, too, can get better at drawing with regular practice and the ability to ignore your own self-loathing.
  5. Friendhorse's Open Blog

    JUST OKAY I've been reading reviews of the MLP movie while I wait for my local theater to start showing it, and most critics seem to think that it's, you know, decent. Okay. It's fine, if you're into that sort of thing. It's sitting at 58% right now on Rottentomatoes, which means it gets the dreaded Green Splat. I can't judge it for myself until I've seen it, but, if I do, and it's just "okay"... then why the hell am I walking around with Rainbow Dash's face plastered on my shirt? As time goes on, I think this whole brony thing has less to do with the unmatched spectacular quality of the show and more because there's a community around it. Everybody wants to find their tribe. And that's fine; I like the community. I like watching Greg's Mentally Advanced videos (and maybe these new Nepotism ones will be good too), and DWK's episode recaps, and reading Dilarus's comics and looking at Tsitra's amazing art, and that's just scratching the surface of all the pony-themed content floating around the web. And the show itself -- it's an above-average children's cartoon. But it's still a kids' show, a little girls' show even, and when it's an internet phenomenon and all the people in your "community" are scattered thinly across the globe, I can't help but feel like a right tool taking out my pony wallet in the grocery store. It's like, the other day I saw this guy at the gas station and he was wearing a shirt made to look like the Confederate flag. And I think, "there's someone I most definitely don't want to talk to. Also we're hundreds of miles from the South." But what that shirt means to me (look, a racist bigot!) is probably not what he's thinking when he puts it on. He's probably from the South, and conservative, and really hyped about the whole, um, being Southern thing... look I don't actually know a whole lot about why people still display the Confederate flag over a hundred years after they lost the war but I'm sure they could go on about it, and to them it's not some anti-blacks-and-gays symbol. It's a tribal identifier. It looks ridiculous to everyone else, but they see it as a group pride thing. They're from Alabama and goddamn, it's just the best. Have you been? Friendliest state in the country. You should totally watch -- er, visit Alabama. See what I'm getting at?
  6. Traumatising Pony Experience

    @LostSanity You've really gotta invest in a thesaurus mate, undying pet peeves can be entertaining but not if you use the exact same phrasing every time
  7. Not getting four seasons.

    Here in Michigan, not only do we have all the seasons, but you never know which one you're going to wake up to!
  8. Found an old drawing...

  9. Friendhorse's Open Blog

    I think alcoholism stems from a preoccupation with micromanaging your own happiness. You try it in college, have some fun, find yourself less inhibited and able to relax and enjoy yourself, and then forever after your brain is constantly nagging you with the thought "you could be happier right now if you drank a beer". Which makes you unable to be happy at all, because of the bombardment of subconscious messages you're getting from yourself that remind you you aren't happy enough. Sure, playing a video game right now would be okay, but what if I did that while I was buzzed? How much better would that be? And until I drink that first beer, I can't shake the idea that I'm sub-optimally content. I can't have fun if I'm checking my internal drunk-o-meter every five seconds and seeing a depressing zero. And then once I start drinking, it can go two ways. If I'm tired or something and a few beers don't make me feel automatically livelier, then obviously I haven't had enough and I need to keep doing it until it kicks in. If I loosen up a little and become less self-conscious, it's "see how much fun you're having now? You know what would make this even better? MORE BEER! Hey, if you stop now, all you have to look forward to is slowly coming down and maybe a mild headache. Let's keep that sobriety at bay, shall we?" And I'll keep going until I hit a point where I know I've had a little too much, and man, I better not stop then because coming down from that is going to be a real bitch. At that point, I better just keep drinking until I fall asleep, so my body can deal with the worst of the hangover while I'm too unconscious to regret it. Lately I've been experimenting with techniques for "mindfulness". You know, clearing my mind of all thoughts and just experiencing the passive sensations of sitting quietly for a while, or being conscious of a desire without judging it or acting on it, just waiting until it passes. It seems to help, but it's still more work than consuming a beverage. Damn, all this writing is making me thirsty. Pro tip: if you want to avoid thinking about something, don't sit down to write a goddamn short essay about that thing. Actually, that's not a very pro tip. More like a common sense thing. Shit, this feels way too personal to post, but if I was struggling with something I'd want to hear about other people's experiences with it and hopefully gain some insight into myself, so I'm DOING IT ANYWAY
  10. Bad episodes this season.

    Was Fame and Misfortune "mean-spirited" because the fan ponies in it were clueless and terrible? To me it was more of a ribbing about the worst elements of any fandom, and what the Mane 6 would think if they could see what real-life fans thought about them and about the show. Way too many people saw that episode and thought "Hey, I think they're talking about me!" and got all defensive. I thought Twilight was better before she got wings, too, but I can still laugh when she hears it shouted at her from the peanut gallery. In-universe, she's not a cartoon character but a fully-developed person, and that's what makes it all so ridiculous to be criticized through that lens. You don't have to take it personally.
  11. Season 7, Episode 21: Marks and Recreation

    Who wants to be "the haiku pony" for the rest of their life? The format wasn't even designed for the English (or... Ponish?) language. Kettle Corn will be hanging out at a party as an adult, and somepony will come up to her, look at her cutie mark, and say, "Oh hi, are you a writer? My sister writes for the local newspaper. Of course, she really wants to be a novelist". And Kettle Corn will say "That's pretty neat, I (brief pause to indicate line break) actually do haikus. That's my cutie mark." And the other pony'll say "Really? That's... unique." and find an excuse to end the conversation. A cutie mark is a reflection of who you are, your core essence, and she got one in something entirely trivial. It's all well and good to have an abstract design like butterflies or gems, or to have a friggin' heroic shield with music inside it, Sweetie Belle, but what happens if one of these foals actually gets one in horseshoe tossing? Granted, it'll be a horseshoe, so they can pass it off as pretty much anything ("Yeah, I was the regional cross-country champion in college") but they'll always know. They'll always know that the best thing about them is that they're really good at one recreational activity that people do at outdoor social events. Sure, you can do other things besides what your cutie mark is in, but that's what you're known for. It's a summary of you as a pony that everypony else can see immediately just by looking at your butt, and some of them are really dumb. As much of a little jerk as he was, I found myself siding with Rumble on this one. Riiiiight up until Camp Blank Flank became a lie-around-and-do-nothing party. I'm surprised anypony stuck with him after that.
  12. Quote your life.

    somepony is not amused
  13. Books! Books! And More Books!

    Anyone else reading/re-reading It after the new movie?
  14. Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    This guy from the Pagemaster freaked me out.
  15. Romance in MLP.

    The Mane 6 are all strong, independent womans who don't need no man-stallion.