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  1. Friendship is Horses

    Herps As They Happen

    The rat snake kinda looks like a discarded piece of rubber hose. I wonder if that's its plan.
  2. Friendship is Horses

    sandpit arts

    What's supposed to happen is that when you put a link to a picture in a post, the picture automatically shows up. It... doesn't always work. You might have to use the link to the image source rather than the one to its dA page.
  3. Friendship is Horses

    My Three Year Brony-versary

    Welcome and greetings! Hope to see you make some new friends here, and don't be shy about creating new threads! We can pretty much generate a discussion about anything.
  4. Friendship is Horses

    sandpit arts

    Pro tip: sketch very lightly to start, and darken the lines as you become satisfied with how the drawing looks. It'll look cleaner in the end, you can experiment more without wrecking your paper, and it'll be easier to erase!
  5. Friendship is Horses

    So I Guess I'm a Brony Now...

    Welcome, villainous-sounding friend! If you're up for it, maybe you want to start an art thread in the Drawfriends & Crafters forum and show off your stuff?
  6. Friendship is Horses

    Season 8, Episode 12: Marks for Effort

    @ABronyAccount It was suspicious that her cutie mark is a chess piece... and she was saccharine enough to be a mocking parody of those colorful little meddling horses time to rewatch her conversation with Starlight to see if she dropped any "i'm coming for you" hints
  7. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse's Open Blog

    @ABronyAccount AT LEAST two of those people are dead. Zombie stripper party??? Or zombie party with strippers? If only it were less ambiguous.
  8. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse's Open Blog

    Thank you, Bakaarion! Ooh, that's another post. Sometimes I think I abuse the tiny text but it's so fun to use!
  9. Friendship is Horses

    MidnightFire1222's Art Corner

    oooOOOOoooo, MidnightFire1222 loves Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic and MidnightFire, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Please don't draw that scenario. Right on about liking what you like and screw the haters and all that, though. If you're not being true to your values, you're living your life pretending to be someone similar but more boring than yourself.
  10. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse's Open Blog

    Done! Five zero zero. A cool half-thousand posts, signed, sealed and delivered. I don't believe in the Oxford comma. Maybe it's my general impatience to be moving along with things? I did sort of artificially accelerate the milestone thing. So, what's new? How've you been? I've been good. Moved out of my parents' house and into my own apartment, yay! There are boxes all over the place still. I bought a bookcase, then I filled it, and I still have MORE BOOKS so it looks like I'll need a second one. How do I have so many books? I used to read a lot when I was in middle and high school and didn't have a computer and the nearest real store was an hour's drive away holy hell how did I even survive? But since I discovered the Internet in college, the reading thing has been replaced by cheaper sources of entertainment that provide small, quick bursts of dopamine, like webcomics and deviantart and tumblr. Now that I've been going through all these books though, many of which I haven't even read... I should try to get back in the habit. A novel can take you on a fantastic adventure where the only limits are yours and the author's imaginations. A fusing of minds! A story is like training wheels for your imagination. You get the blueprints, but you render the imagery yourself. A nice little low-budget means of experiencing fantasy on a grand scale, and I mean fantasy in the broad sense. In a novel, you can have, like, a pirate ship the size of Manhattan just by writing it! Even if you made it in CG, that would take a lot of money for a movie to pull off convincingly. It is hard to choose slow-burn activities that are personally enriching when the internet is right there with 76 different kinds of instant gratification vying for one's attention. It's like, I know I'll feel better mentally and physically after a balanced meal of minimally processed food, but it's more enjoyable to eat a Big Mac. Self-control is learning to be less short-sighted in your decision-making. Wow, that's a lot of hyphenated words.
  11. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse's Open Blog

  12. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse's Open Blog

    just a little further now
  13. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse's Open Blog

    okay okay hang on
  14. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse's Open Blog

    Hey! I'm almost at the 500-post milestone. That's neat.
  15. Friendship is Horses

    MidnightFire1222's Art Corner

    @MidnightFire1222 Not any worse than liking ponies, I suppose, but it won't net you any Internet Cool Guy Points. The Sonic fandom doesn't have the most sterling reputation.