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  1. Take what content you can get, keep in touch with other diehard fans, and hope nostalgia brings it back into the mainstream in 20 years. If you have any artistic talent, sharpen it up and keep making things that at least capture the spirit of the thing you're passionate about, if not the copyright-protected bits. Fall in love, start a family, work a tolerable job to support them, retire, take up a hobby, die in a bed surrounded by loved ones. That's pretty much how everyone else handles it.
  2. My view on the Starlight drama and what you think of it.

    A good rule of thumb is that it's all the first thing. We argue to pass the time, or put our perspective on things out there for consideration, or to blow off steam. We're not fighting for net neutrality here, or debating a health care bill. It's ponies.
  3. Why did you choose your current avatar?

    After I declared everything that happened after Season 3 to be post-canon, I went on Google Images to find a picture of Quibble Pants, because that seemed like an appropriate avatar. Turns out it's hard to find a shot of him *not* looking like a jackass (because he kind of is). But anyway I decided to draw my own avatar, and what's more, he's cosplaying as Rainbow Dash! He's a bit embarrassed about it, like he just ran into her somewhere and now he's self-conscious about how creepy it is. Sort of like how you'd feel if a conservative relative walked into your bedroom and saw a bunch of little girl toys, and you're like oh yeah, some people might view this as a bit strange, ha ha, time for some awkward explaining. As a hypothetical scenario.
  4. Friendhorse's Open Blog

    Okay I'm back in the fandom again but only for Seasons 1-3. The show ended when Twilight became a princess. Character arc complete, roll credits. Everything else is post-canon fanfiction with really good production quality. Seriously, the animation is amazing.
  5. My view on the Starlight drama and what you think of it.

    What's Starlight? Is that the Luna x Twilight ship? I prefer "Tuna". Silly names are better. That said, my opinion on any ship is that it's fine in art, fanfiction, etc. if whoever's making it can convince me that there's chemistry there. Or even just if it looks cute. I think Spike x Rarity would be the only one I condemn unilaterally, because there's no way it would ever happen. Rarity's already shown herself to be interested in other ponies, so there's no excuse that she's a weird dragonsexual, and Spike's far too young anyway. It's a childhood crush, nothing more.
  6. Friendhorse's Open Blog

    NOTES FROM THE OTHER SIDE Well, this is disappointing. "Leaving the fandom" failed to make me any more conventionally attractive, and I didn't spontaneously lose weight, either. I think I got a little better at social interaction, but that might just be in my head. Maybe I was supposed to stop drawing the little fuckers, too? Or unfollow all my favorite artists if they mostly do pony content? Or, like, delete my forum account and stop coming here? Actually I don't know why I still come here. It's pretty quiet. Not much to talk about between seasons.
  7. Justin's Arts

    What happened to your Deviantart account?
  8. Justin's Arts

    I grew up doing that too! I knew about the tri-pod grip because they tried to teach me to hold a pencil that way in second grade, but I went back to the Troglodyte Method as soon as they stopped paying attention. Then, like, three years into learning to draw as an adult, I figured I should get into the habit of doing it properly. It takes less time to get used to than you'd think. You're really only changing the position of your least important three fingers. At least, I *hope* your middle finger is in the bottom three, but maybe you're a taxi driver in New York or something. I don't know your life!
  9. Where i can legally see seasons 6 and 7

    I use Amazon Video. The episodes go up a day after they premiere on TV.
  10. [EDIT] Now with 87% less commentary! I'm sorry for abusing you, LS. It takes all kinds to make a forum. Still gonna leave this quote here, though. It really is perfect.
  11. So, to paraphrase... LS: Convince me I'm wrong. Others: You're wrong, and here's why [reasons] LS: Not listening! I'm just surprised that you actually believe that you're open to the possibility of being wrong. I thought the point of all this was more endless venting about so-called redemptions.
  12. Maud and Applejack are as much outliers in their own race as proper unicorn mages are in theirs. For the average pony, the difference between unicorns and serfs-- er, earth ponies, is that unicorns can dexterously manipulate objects, and earth ponies grab everything with their mouths. Not that I care. Because I've "left the fandom". Just making idle conversation, really.
  13. Pinkie Pie’s Regretful Outrage On Spike

    Problem? I'm just providing a summary for today's busy horse-on-the-go. No criticism intended.
  14. When the show ends.

    Dump all my pony merchandise in a small, wooden boat and give the show a Viking funeral.