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  1. Wht is the best My little pony villain from generation 4 onward.

    @AnalyticalGamer She's an abhorrent person. But, she's not directly an MLP villain, per se, she just parented horribly and raised a real jerk of a pony. Her own role in the show is pretty minor.
  2. Wht is the best My little pony villain from generation 4 onward.

    Discord is the most fun character to have as a villain, Chrysalis makes the best antagonist to the series overall, based on her recurring presence and nuanced motives, and Diamond Tiara is hooves-down the character that most made we want to step into my TV and punch her in the snoot.
  3. Do you still like Celestia?

    Hay, everyone's got to start somewhere. Maybe you can't craft a convincing argument to back up your feelings because you prefer not to try? It can be a vicious cycle, feeling inferior at something, so you don't do that thing because it makes you feel bad to fail at it, and then you never get any better because you're not getting any practice. Even if you say you don't like to analyze anything, I think you'd be happier if you figure out why you feel the way you do about something, and articulate it to other people. Then you're not at the mercy of other people's opinions anymore! Because you've got understanding and confidence in yourself. So, why not try examining your gut response to Princess Celestia for starters? I like Celestia because... she's a just and fair monarch? She has a comforting presence? She's a very pretty horse? Subjective things such as likes and dislikes would be a good place to start, because nobody can "disprove" why you like something. You: I like Celestia. Me: Why? You: I don't know. I just do. Me: Well, I think she's lost all credibility since the writers keep Worfing her, and now she's a joke. You: I don't know what that word means, and I don't think she's a joke. Me: Well, to each his own, I guess. You're not much fun to debate, but I respect your opinion. And that's how it goes in a civil conversation! Which is the only kind worth having.
  4. Best Pixar Movie Ever.

    What's not to like about a drooling infant with god-tier superpowers? Who got maybe three minutes of screentime, so, what was wrong with the rest of the movie? That's not a rhetorical question, I really want to know!
  5. How do you really see me?

    @8492nd You live in your own little world don't you? That was a rhetorical question. You absolutely do. You need to listen to other people instead of thinking of them as two-dimensional characters in this oppressive narrative you're constructing around yourself. Most bridges are made of metal and concrete nowadays; they don't burn. Wanna try putting down the torch and making some friends?
  6. Best Pixar Movie Ever.

    Also Incredibles, but, participation trophies all around, Pixar knows how to tell a story
  7. Stephen Hawking passes away at age 76

    @AaronMk We mourn the people we miss, and humanity is really going to miss this friggin' genius. Reaching a certain age doesn't make one's death not sad! It always sucks, it's death. I miss my grandma, even if it was "her time to go".
  8. Nude Swim

    Might be a fun thing to do in a lake or a river, but swimming pools are disgusting. It's like stepping into a big, communal bathtub. Just pee and dead skin cells and bits of foot fungus and god knows what else floating around in there. Naked or clothed, I wouldn't set foot in one.
  9. What did everyone get up to last weekend??

    Oh great, a sarcastic spammer. You're the one who dug up a thread from last year! Sometimes people just want to chat about their day, asshole. At least we're not shilling dubious services around the internet indiscriminately. And now their post got deleted and I look like a crazy person. Yup.
  10. RCR Thread

    what are you even talking about
  11. Soobel's thingies

    The lighting in this is really pretty. Not only is it beautiful, but it gives her a sense of occupying a physical space, which seems like a big plus for connoisseurs of the pudge. Her eyes seem a lil' creepy in an artificial, doll-like way, but not as much so as your earlier stuff.
  12. Do you still like Celestia?

    Celestia's still wise and powerful in my fanfiction : ( She gets Worfed super hard in the show, though. I think she does it on purpose to let Twilight develop and learn to stretch her own wings, which are things that she now has, as an alicorn (what??). But we don't see a lot of evidence for her being an ancient, godlike being. She's more like Twilight's fun aunt. Spike is more powerful than modern-day Celestia. As a character she's fine. I don't hate her. I just want to see her do something epic once in a while. For example.
  13. Fuck the hackers

    I don't think I've gone into an MLP episode since the Original Binge without having a pretty good idea what its deal would be. Synopses get posted in advance on EQD, and whenever they try to be coy about it like 'Ooooh an old villain might show up, WONDER WHICH ONE IT'LL BE?' there's a bunch of fan discussion and we all pretty much get it narrowed down to one or two likely candidates. Being on the internet, you get the Enhanced Pony Experience, and the Enhanced experience doesn't particularly care in what order you get the information. Springboarding off what Fr├ęcinette said, the whole pony network you're plugged into is going to throw that shit at your face as soon as it becomes available. It sucks if you want to go into an episode blind. It does! You can avoid it to some extent, but the more you're involved in the community, the harder it gets. But you know what? Life is absolutely brimming with shitty compromises. You've got to sell the better part of your life so you can afford to eat, good shows get cancelled early or become a mockery of their former selves, people die young for stupid reasons, and sometimes you get blamed for shit you had no control over. You go to college because that's the next step after high school and just kind of what everyone expects you to do, even though you don't know what you want out of life. You sign up for a huge loan way before you're responsible enough to be trusted with that kind of money, and you major in English because you think you're going to be a successful novelist and that's the closest thing to your stupid idealistic dreams. Then you find out those classes are a bunch of hot air and because no one's forcing you to go anymore and you can't fall asleep until 4 am anyway because there's always an obnoxious room party going on, so you start to skip the morning ones and hope you can scrape a passing grade by testing well. Next thing you know your grades are in the toilet, you're up to your eyeballs in debt and wondering where it all went wrong. You change majors to something less soft, but you don't study outside of class because you've never had to, your grades were fine in high school without trying, so you don't do too well at this, either, and the debt keeps mounting and you feel like you've made no progress toward anything in two years so you drop out. Now you've got no degree and negative money, and you can't get hired for anything rewarding with no marketable skills so it's time to find a menial labor job and get paid as little as they can get away with to help realize the dreams of someone who was able to work the system a lot better than you did, or maybe just got born into the right family. Every day you come home too tired to do anything, and every week you're just waiting for that small window when the world will leave you alone for a couple days. A few days every week to recover and breathe and do whatever you feel like doing. Uhhhh, so that got a little real. What was I talking about? Right, shitty compromises. They're everywhere. I agree that the hacks were not a positive development, but they don't "ruin" what this adorable little cartoon is for me. Other people might be more invested in the magic of discovery, but I'm fine getting some details early. It's the price of being on the internet. Whatever. I'm just happy to be home and watching the show. Oh, [redacted] is coming back in Season 8? That's cool. I wonder what the writers'll do with them.
  14. Did you stop trusting IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes?

    I use Rotten Tomatoes as an aid to gauge movies that I'm on the fence about watching, or want to know more about. Scrolling through all the review summaries can give you an idea of what the movie's strengths and weaknesses are, and whether it would be a good match for you. It works on a pass/fail system though, which can reward mediocrity and punish quirky movies that took a few risks and had a few rough edges. Imdb I only use when I want to know more about an actor.
  15. Tempesty! Grrrr!

    @Anti-Villain ...what kind of psychopaths have you dated??