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  1. jkhlufilo;idSdl;

  2. -Dawn of the final day-

    -24 hours remain-


    Nintendo Switch comes out tomorrow!

  3. Fragrant

    hey there!

    Welcome to the herd.
  4. the only truly worth it version of minecraft is the original java version

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    2. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      Right, they would have to work from nothing again.

    3. Fragrant


      absolute nothing


      or mojang could make the mod api



    4. Nova S. Aurora
  5. Fragrant

    Lets all write a fanfic together!

    However, Much to Rainbow Dash's surprise, A new YIAY had come out. She checked to see if her comment got in, And it did.
  6. Fragrant

    Lets all write a fanfic together!

    Also, The Mane 6 were face-battling the Deadly SIx.
  7. Fragrant

    Lets all write a fanfic together!

    Then Pepe The Frog decided to drop in and bomb everything. Discord was fine with it as he shouted "Glory to Kekistan!".
  8. Fragrant

    Lets all write a fanfic together!

    Then memes came out of nowhere! As the memes pillaged the city, The power of MLG saved the day or some crap.
  9. Fun fact: macOS Parental Controls really don't like secure websites...

  10. Fragrant

    Your Theme Song

  11. that feeling when nobody recognizes a sonic reference