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    Create an OC!

    Sorry! I didn't see it! I can go ahead and delete this topic if you want me to.
  2. Shadowblitz

    Create an OC!

    Rules: * your OC must be original, not just copied off the internet * please don't hate on other people's OC's! * Don't seal OC's! ( I know it's just a repeat of the first rule, just making sure people don't break it :D) * no rude comments * no cursing ( AT ALL!) * have fun!
  3. Shadowblitz

    Create an OC!

    Hey guys! So I've seen people making OC's and I'm thinking 'why not let people share their OC's with the rest of the mlp community? So here it is, a place where you can share your OC story with Equestria Daily! Hope you enjoy!