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  1. happy early thanksgiving shim

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    2. Infinite


      oh good up to my usual mayhem healing and all that jazz

    3. Shimmer Sparkle
    4. Infinite


      and playin through gundam breaker 3

  2. Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    "I want you to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!"
  3. Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    @Light Blade Absilutely!
  4. SunLight Fan Club

    "Sunny, come back! Please. I miss you."
  5. blessed be

    1. Shimmer Sparkle
    2. Infinite


      so shim you excited for season 8?

  6. good evening

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    2. Infinite


      yeah Lestat is our little Chihuahua well he is granny's little Chihuahua but hes the sweetest thingĀ 

    3. Infinite


      yeah and heres some sunnydorbs

      Image result for sunset shimmer cute

    4. Shimmer Sparkle
  7. Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    It's been ages since she became a princess, and yet she still reads these books. Life always has something new to teach you.
  8. Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Twily looks so adorkable in the morning. Wait, who am I kidding? She looks adorkable 24/7!
  9. Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    D'aww! Anime Pinkie is so cute! SO CUTE!
  10. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Some SFM Sunnydox Sunnydorbs! Cute!
  11. SunLight Fan Club

    "Um... Twilight?" "I love you, my angel" ...
  12. Hey Infinite. If you need to talk I'll listen.

  13. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    I'm dead... Sunny, why do you do this to me?
  14. SunLight Fan Club

    @Light Blade Those are some hypnotic stares. I must admit that I'm a bit creeped out. It seems like they're lifeless. However, these stares seem lively... and lovely.
  15. Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club