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  1. jawsistwilight

    Help a family of Bronies from Going Homeless

    That is Ok I had a few people I thought were friends tell me off and my family outside who I live with will not help out. Keep spreadding the word. We went to court today and the judge re-instated the contract but it came with a cost. We have to pay the owner what the Judge says is owed. A lot more then we claimed but a Lot less then what the owner claimed.
  2. jawsistwilight

    Help a family of Bronies from Going Homeless

    Thank you. If everone who could donate just donated a single $1 then shared it with all their firends over time we could reach out amount now that we been hit with the Eviction Noticed my Mother wants to look for a new place but I want to try and work it out with the owner first
  3. jawsistwilight

    Help a family of Bronies from Going Homeless

    Please do We need the help. If we end up homeless not only will we have to get rid of our pets but the worst of it all is my mothers health. My mother is recovering from Venostatoin Ulcers on the lower back of both her legs
  4. jawsistwilight

    Help a family of Bronies from Going Homeless

    Recived a Eviction Noticed Today from the Police. The owner of the property is going for Way more then was it owed. Please if you can help us out so we do not lose our house We have to go to court on July 19th We will find out what the Judge wants to do then. She is asking for $32,000 Judgment. Please help us get that much. First the remanding can wait. I am leaving it up because the house does need repairs.
  5. jawsistwilight

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    I love Princess Twilight Sparkle. When I got into MLP the only Eps I had seen before I started watching the show was the Eps were she becomes an Alicorn. Of all the ponies of the mane cast I get really up set if we go a long time with out a Twilight Eps. I got even more up set that she was not in Friendship Games expet for a few Sec and not in Legend of EverFree at all. I am sure we all know she sent the Magic that hit the stones but it would be best if they would show her at less once per movie the 2nd 2 focasued heavely on her and now she not even in them. It up sets me. I really think we should get either a Movie were Twilight sits down and talkes with Twilight or at less a short that takes alce between Movie 3 and Movie 4. But Twilight is my Girl. I have a Build a Bear of her that I sleep with every night. I have a small table next to my bed and I place her there ever night. My Cats do not like it some times because they like to lay on the table but they leave her alone most of the time
  6. Rules. I currently can only Ship to the USA. But only With in the State of IL is it Free S/H at this time Paypal or Donations to the GoFundMe are accepted Paypal service and goods are to be used. For ever 4 cards you buy off me I will throw in a 5th card for free https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gtFDwDnwWPW9wz8FEB6kNcroD63eqAv7ALQMjzDv0UI/edit#gid=5006072 There are more cards from Set 5-7 Not Listed because I had very little time to get this all done with everything going on in my life For info on the GoFund me check out https://www.gofundme.com/sc2zs7-help-us-keep-our-home For why I have a 2nd GoFundMe going well read it or you can check out my Post in Pony Free Posts
  7. If Losing my Dad was not Bad for us. Our Bills took a Huge hit over it We had to send 1 of our Van's back because we could no longer make the payments on it. The Van we have needs some work on it lucky a friiend said he would do the work for free We had to send the frig we were renting to own back lucky we had and old Frig in storage so we were safe there We had to send our brand new stove back also (We were renting to own it also after our old stove stop working) lucky some family members got us a new stove We had to send my Mom's Bed back do to her legs she needs a bed to elevate her legs a family member gave us an old bed they had till we can get back on our feet and re-get my mom's bed back. My mom had to get a new phone do to she could not make the payments for her phone she had. It was the best send back because her new phone is a lot cheaper for us. Then this happens in our Biggest time of Need The owner of the House we are buying on contract (Contract for Deed) decied she want to be a (2 9 20 3 8) She first send a PM to my mother on the 21st informing her she is moving back into her house on July 1st Then she send a letter to a Laywer and a copy of the letter to my mother informing the lawyer of the voilations as well she is revoking the contract. So we have started up this 2nd Go Fund Me to help keep from becoming homeless. https://www.gofundme.com/sc2zs7-help-us-keep-our-home Under IL law she has to file a eviction noticed if we have not paid at less 80% of the house off if we had paid 80% off then she have to forclose on the house. But she not done this The House total payment is 30,000 at $400 a month We got behind a lttle in 2015 When my dad got sick and lost his first job. But we worked a deal out of them that they would put the miss payments at the end of the contract instead of messing every thing up. When we started the contract it was her husband we delt with but when he passed in 2015 We had to start dealing with her and its been hell from that point Well becase this was not put in writing its worth less Now. So we have sent a check every month. Last year the owner claimed she did not get our check a few times (even though we can prove she did) So we got behind then In 2014 She was responcable for the Taxs but now she is caliming we were responcable for them even though the contract stated the owner had to pay them. In 2015 She paid the Taxs behind out back before they were due. And again in 2016 She paid the Taxs even though we told her we had the money for them. There are other voilations she claims that I list on the GoFundMe. In less we get help we will be homeless I want to tank everyone who donated to the first GoFundMe it helped us see him before he passed and it did get a few of his Bills caught up. But Losing in hurt us in more ways then we thought and now the owner of the house is being a (2 9 20 3 8) It hurts us even more. If you are into MLP CCG I am selling all my Extra cards to rasie some of the money to help us out. Check out my post (I will be making soon) in Paper Pony Play for what I am selling. https://www.gofundme.com/sc2zs7-help-us-keep-our-home All the cats we have belong to 3 Diffirent people 2 of them are mine and they help me cope with my Stress and deprestion, 3 of them belong to my Brother and I have to say after getting them his adittued towerds life and to others changed a lot before he could not care if he lived or die and really was not friendly but getting them it did something to him the other 2 official they belong to my Sister but when my sister moved out she left the cats and they become my mothers and they sleep right beside her and they help her with her diprestion. I want a Dr to state they are medical needed but I do not think any Dr is going to say all 7 are needed. But my mom has put her foot down and so have Ie they are part of the family and there for they are not going any were. We need help asap. I will keep you all updated on what the Lawyers say and everything also. But even if we have to move We still need the money to get a new home. Most places in our area want $90,000 But I think if we offered them the $50,000 they would work with us on the other $40,000
  8. jawsistwilight

    Holding fundrasier for My Dad with Brain Cancer

    He passed away today Mods could you lock this so no more Post are made but people can still fnd the link in case they like to donate. All Money is going to the funeral
  9. jawsistwilight

    Holding fundrasier for My Dad with Brain Cancer

    Do to his pain can not be managed at my sister's ospic has moved him to a Hospic center in Evansvile Indiana. The Nurse at the center says she would estimated it as 2 to 3 days now
  10. jawsistwilight

    Holding fundrasier for My Dad with Brain Cancer

    Thank you. Every one.
  11. My name is Jason Williams I am a Brony. My Step Dad Wayne Knight has been recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor that is cancerous. You mighth ave seen our post in the Nightly Roundup on the 10th. Well I wanted to give updates as well as to put this were more people can see it. We live in Mt Carmel IL. He is currently in Evanscille Indiana (over 50 Miles apart) the gas is killing us to be with him. When he comes home he will have to have radiation 5 Times a week for 5 Weeks. The orignal plan was he would stay in a Nursing home who would help get him to his radiation but they told us yesterday that they will not take him to radation and we have to bring him home next week because his Inserance will not pay for him to be at the nursing home. So we will be solly responsible to get him there. Our House is in neeed of partial roof repair. The Kitchen celling fell in do to the roof. My Mother has called every agency that she can find and they give her the run around We called the Salvation Army and it turns out the one near us only helps people who livei n Indiana not IL. We called a Guy who fixs roofs but he never called us back. We called the Cancer Socaity of America who gave us a list of Agencys to call but everytime we call one they give us a different angency to call. I normal do not like to ask for help but we are to a point we are not even sure if we can make our house payments. My Mom started a go fund account to help pay for the expenses. Please help us out you can find the go fund at https://www.gofundme.com/w28bmh-hope-for-wayne If you like more info please contact my Sister at https://www.facebook.com/caitlin.burke.79 please share it so people will know. Note to Admin if this is not allow please let me know if this is the wrong place please move it.