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  1. This is weird... I only know Twix of these, because others aren't available in my country. AND SOMEHOW I GET 9/10. (well we also have Milky Way, but in VERY different blue/white wrapeprs.)
  2. Irdes

    A counting game...With a twist!

    Nein Nine?
  3. Irdes

    A counting game...With a twist!

    2 much for me.
  4. Irdes

    A counting game...With a twist!

    Пять! Oh wait, wrong language. Five I mean.
  5. Irdes

    Bad translation in retro games.

    Don't really know if this will be interesting, but I want to give you a look from a different perspective. Bad English to Russian translation. Basically early on Russia didn't care much about gaming, so all the translations were usually done by pirates and amateurs. Add the fact few people knew English well, the fact that dictionaries, both online and offline, didn't have slang and were bad. Also, for early cartridge stuff, add the fact Cyrilic alphabet has 33 letters (7 more than Latin's 26). The most known example of bad translation is probably the "spent" GTA: San Andreas. The "WASTED" screen is one of it's most obvious problems (not that is hasn't got enough). The translator interpreted "wasted" as in "wasted money", and the screen basically said "SPENT". Same was with the Busted screen, that now said "BROKEN". here are the screenshots, showcasing these screens in all of their badly-translated and poorly-written font glory. Please tell me if that's interesting to you people. I can tell more.)